A new feature in the Google Play Store helps you manage space better

A new feature in the Google Play Store helps you manage space better

Android users – especially those who download apps to try them out and then forget to delete the apps afterwards – are usually at the mercy of low storage before long. This might not be a problem for tech-savvy users, but it is a huge concern for those who are not.

It seems Google has identified this to be a problem as some Android users have been getting what could be the company’s way of fixing things.

Apparently, you can now get a notification from the Google Play Store, telling you to free up space by removing some apps. When you click on such a notification, you are taken to a list of apps that you have not used in a while.

The system assumes that if you are not using these apps frequently, you might not need them as much as you need the space they are chewing up. You then get the chance to either remove these apps or save them from uninstallation.

This is not a totally new feature and you would have encountered it sometimes before. It used to take trying to install a new app on low storage to trigger this function in the past. Now that it comes of its own volition, it can actually help many more people keep an eye on what apps are taking up much-needed space in their units.


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