Report: Here’s how Samsung might be looking to address Galaxy Fold issues

Report: Here’s how Samsung might be looking to address Galaxy Fold issues

Remember that Samsung has been claiming – for multiple years, might we add – that they were going to come out with a phone which you could fold its screen? Remember that as they were launching the Galaxy 5G, they also brought out a foldable unit called the Galaxy Fold? Well, the South Korean OEM did something amazing for themselves when they ensured only a few users could get access to this unit first.

This has helped them collect user feedback on the poor side of the phone without having to risk a huge fanbase. With most of the problems being on the display (obviously), Samsung has pushed back the launch date to a yet undisclosed time.

For now, though, some reports are emerging as to how Samsung plans to solve the problems faced by this phone. The news report states that the company will tuck the protective screen layer into the body of the phone this time around.

This will be to discourage people from wanting to remove that layer, thinking its an ordinary screen guard. They will also find a way to block the gaps showing at the top and bottom hinge of the smartphone. That would reduce the chances of debris getting into any of the phone’s crevices, extending the life of the smartphone further.

None of this has been confirmed by Samsung itself, but it does look credible enough to pass. Likewise, we dot have an official launch date again, but rumours are pegging that to be sometimes in June.


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