Speed is Everything: Fastest Android Phones of April (AnTuTu)

Speed is Everything: Fastest Android Phones of April (AnTuTu)

Android gaming enthusiasts are always in the market for the fastest phone to fulfil their fantasies, and AnTuTu has dropped its ranking for the month of April to help them make the best choices.

If you haven’t been following phones for a while and rely heavily on brand names and marketing to make your picks, this might be one of the most shocking lists you’ll find anywhere.

Without further ado…

Xiaomi reigns supreme

Xiaomi started off as an underdog in the Android market, and they have now become a force to be reckoned with.

According to the tests from the benchmark, this OEM has three devices in the running for the fastest phones. Even more interesting is the fact that they occupy the first three positions.

In the very first position is the Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer, and it has the standard Mi 9 behind it. Being a gaming phone itself, we would have expected the Black Shark 2 to top both units, but it settles in nicely to round off the top 3.

Under the hood of all these units, the Snapdragon 855 chipset keeps things busy. It must be more powerful than we even thought.

Meizu dropped massively

Last month, the Meizu 16s was the phone to beat when it came to speed. Unfortunately, it was beaten off that list – so hard that it landed in the fourth spot. With more phones coming out soon, it might be hard to retain that slot for long.

Samsung is not impressive either

Given the price range at which Samsung launched its Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+, we would have expected better from them. Instead, both units had to secure places in the 7th and 6th slots respectively.

Of course, they have not been marketed as gaming phones, so they should be excused and praised for even making this list in the first place. Given the sensors and features slapped onto the phone, though, that is not a good enough reason to let them off the hook that easily.

Perhaps they will fare better when their Note 10 series get here.

You can find the position of every other phone on the uploaded list above. As we sojourn into May, let’s see what units keep their slots, and which new devices come to disrupt their balance.


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