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10 Android Apps Draining Smart Phones Battery

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To all android phone users, battery power is a key issue. Every user works out to get battery service throughout the day. Some Android devices last for a day or more, while others only operate for a short time and the battery gets drained.

There are quite a good number of apps that drain your battery. They run services in the background and ends up sucking the phone’s juice. These apps include;

Streaming apps – These apps use speakers for sound, display, and internet at the same time. They include:

1. Facebook – It’s the biggest social network app that runs in the background, syncs update, contacts, runs a notification service and other background processes that use a tremendous amount of battery.

2. YouTube – As the most used app for watching videos and vlogs, it requires a significant amount of power to keep it running. However, it comes with an inbuilt function that can help you regulate its usage by reminding you to take a break when you’ve watched too many videos.

3. Netflix – It constantly leaks battery due to its processing loop when transmitting movies, TV shows, and other background processes. It also requires a huge amount of power for visual display and audio performance.

Messaging apps – These are popular apps that allow you to send texts, make calls, video chat starts group messages and more. They include:

4. Messenger – With Facebook being among the top social media app, their
messaging app is among the favorites for many due to its ability to sync with your contacts and push notifications fast. However, it runs several processes in the background, draining your phone’s battery.

5. WhatsApp – This app has billions of users today, making it the favorite
messaging app for millenials. Unlike some friendly apps like the Betway mobile app, WhatsApp is always running in the background using your battery to complete thousands of processes daily.

5. Snapchat – Compared to other applications such as the Betway app, Snapchat has the most battery greedy features. The use of location services to report in real time and notification services keeps the phone busy with heavy processes, thus sucking the battery life.

Battery-boosting apps – These apps are designed to clean unnecessary apps by turning them off in the background. However, that’s not the case as the boosting apps keep running on the background to close other apps. These background activities end up draining the battery as well. They include apps like:

7. Du Battery Saver

NEWS apps – These apps sync content from time to time and send a lot of notifications. They include;

8. Tik Tok( – This social app plays videos and has recording features, which make it use a lot of battery. Turning off unnecessary notifications and limiting its usage saves on battery usage.

9. Flipboard – This smart magazine displays relevant stories, videos, podcast, tweets, and more in a Smartphone.

10. Google news – This app shows stories, images, and videos in a given order.


If your phone is having a hard time maintaining the battery life for a reasonable amount of time, you should consider turning off some of the apps above. It’s also advisable to uninstall all unnecessary apps on your android device.

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