10 fastest smartphones in the world according to antutu.

Before scrolling to the list, AnTuTu is one of the best cross-platform mobile benchmarks and according to there latest research, Samsung galaxy S7 is no where near the list of ten fastest smartphones in the world, the top fastest smartphone in the world is from a Chinese brand you might have not heard.

The second fastest on the list is no where near your favorite and popular smartphone brands, Apple’s iPhone 6S has gone all the way to the 6th position on the list.

See the top fastest smartphones in the world below:

photo credit: antutu

photo credit: antutu

5 elite is said to be the fastest smartphone at the moment the phone incorporates a 6GB worth of RAM, coming second on the list is also from a Chinese phone maker, LeEco Max 2 and Lenovo ZUK Z2 pro sees the third position, these fevices are based on the android operating system and uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipsets.

Remember last year? The Xiaomi M5 took the lead as the world’s fastest smartphone, it now sits in the 4th position with two positions above the iPhone 6s, the newly launched iPhone SE follow immediately after the 6S, this shows that the list is subjected to constant change with time and release of new monster phones.

For some reasons, the galaxy s6 didn’t make the list but its counterpart is sure doing him proud by comfortably sitting at the 5th position, LG G5, Meizu pro 6 and Huawei V8 dominates the 8th, 9th and 10 positions respectively.

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