5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Playing Online Poker

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Poker is a card game that has been around for more than a century; we’ve all seen the western movies where one cowboy throws down his hand and another player draws his gun, calling him a cheat. The game is quite complex and if you are thinking of taking up the game, here are some common mistakes that new players make that you should avoid at all cost.

  1. Playing with less than a full understanding of the rules – Once you sit down at a virtual poker table, you are playing under a set of house rules and by that time, you have already clicked on a box to say that you have read and understood the rules. If you haven’t, then the chances are you will lose. Poker is a game of skill, unlike the online slot machines, and new players really need to play with others on a regular table for imaginary money, at least until they reach a level of proficiency. 
  2. Choosing the wrong online casino – There are good and not so good online casinos, therefore you need to do some online research before signing up as a player. Check that the casino has a valid gaming licence, plus read the online player reviews to get a good idea of their service. Online casinos try very hard to attract new players and they offer free spins and bets, so compare a few casinos before making a decision.
  3. Double your stake when losing – Chasing your losses is a sure-fire way to get into financial difficulties; rather you should set a stake limit and never exceed that amount. If you are having a bad day, know when to call it quits and maybe you’ll have better luck next time. Lady luck doesn’t always shine on you and let’s not forget there is a degree of skill when playing poker.
  4. Not knowing there are variations of poker – Most online casinos play Texas hold’em,  yet there are other variations, such as 5-card and 7-card stud poker, while another is called Omaha. If you end up at the wrong table, it could be a very expensive mistake, so do check what type of poker is played before playing. Each type of poker has its own unique set of rules and by law, the online casino must post the rules so that players can have access. Click here for how poker has changed since it was first played online.
  5. Playing high stake tables – The online casino would have low, medium and high stakes tables; if you are a novice, stick to small stakes and only go higher when you have some skill and experience under your belt. If you have friends who play poker, arrange a weekly game and this will sharpen your skills before you start playing in the online casino.

Poker is an intriguing game and good players regularly come out on top; most play to a system that they have perfected over the years and they record profits and losses in order to help them improve.


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