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5 Essential Tools & Apps for Remote Workers

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With remote working becoming the new normal and many businesses planning to continue with this way of working even after the pandemic, people must be able to work to the best of their abilities while working from home. Working from home can bring many benefits for both the business and employees, but it also poses a few unique challenges. Apps and tools can be a great way to overcome many of these challenges, so what are a few essential apps and tools for remote workers? Read on for a few ideas that could help you improve your working from home performance and enjoy the perks you can bring.

  1. Videoconferencing Software

Videoconferencing is perhaps the most important software that is needed for remote workers. Communication can be a major challenge while working from home, so video conferencing helps communicate in real-time and conduct meetings. Additionally, isolation can be an issue for remote workers (particularly during COVID-19), so video conferencing can also help people feel connected to their colleagues.

  1. Screen Recording & Sharing Apps

Another challenge can be collaborating and showing people what you are working on. It is easy enough to show someone at your computer in an office environment, but when you are not sharing a physical space, it is more challenging. Screen recording and sharing apps allow you to easily overcome this issue and make presenting and collaborating much more effectively.

  1. Communication Tools

Communication is crucial to success in all business, but this is a major challenge for remote work. You do not want to be constantly having to make calls or waiting for email replies, which is why communication platforms are vital for remote workers. They allow you to chat one-on-one easily or in groups, share documents, make video calls, and generally communicate effectively individually or in groups. It is worth looking at a Slack competitor as there are some which have all kinds of advanced features for streamlined communication.

  1. Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is also vital and it can help people work effectively independently and as part of a team. With cloud storage, you can easily create, edit, and share documentation and ensure that everyone is on the same page and has easy access to all the same files and data needed to carry out their role effectively. 

  1. Productivity Apps

Many people struggle with productivity with remote working, especially if they are used to an office environment. This is another area where apps can help as various productivity apps can make it easier to structure your day, limit the amount of time that you can spend on distracting websites (such as social media), and also remind you to take regular breaks (hugely important for your productivity and wellbeing).

These are just a few of the tools and apps that remote workers could use to improve their performance and get more from working from home, bringing many benefits when you know how to overcome the challenges.

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