5 Must-Have Tech Gadgets for Traveling

It’s not enough to know where you want to go. You also need to know what you’re taking with you. Preparation is everything when it comes to executing the perfect vacation. It’s even more important if you need to stay connected to your job while you’re traveling. Technology can certainly make your life easier if you know what’s available. Here are five must-have tech gadgets that are perfect for your traveling lifestyle.

  1. Self-Heating Jacket

One of the most important factors to think about when you’re packing is the weather, which is why bringing a self-heating jacket will save you a lot of stress for your journey. The self-heating jacket is a new invention that combines USB-charing technology with outerwear. The jacket contains panels in the back and front that heat up when turned on. It’s the perfect accessory for that epic Alaska cruise you’re partner booked for you. Just pair this item with a portable charger and you’ll be ready to face any kind of inclement weather, even on a glacier.

  1. Rechargeable USB Batteries

Rechargeable USB batteries are a must-have addition to your tech pack when you travel. It’s sad to say, but not every object in your life is going to have a USB port for charging. There are many everyday items that still use batteries as their main power source. Some of these items you may even take with you while traveling, including the following: 

  • Self-grooming devices
  • Mini alarm clock
  • Flashlight 
  • Children’s toys

If your child’s favorite toy suddenly runs out of batteries when you’re nowhere near a convenience store, you might end up facing a very upset little person. Stock up on some rechargeable USB batteries so that you can have a reliable power source for things like your hotel’s TV remote and your flashlight.

  1. Solar-Powered Lamp/Phone Charger

If you plan to do any camping and hiking while you’re away from home, make sure to pack a solar-powered lamp that doubles as a phone charger. Devices that run on solar energy are great for situations where you’re really far from any city. If you’re the kind of person who loves the idea of isolation but still wants a way to dial an emergency number, then this tech gadget is just what you have wished for. These lamps can store energy using solar panels in just a few hours and then will give off some ambient light while charging your phone in the evening.

  1. Travel Adapter

One tech gadget you cannot go without if you’re traveling abroad is a travel adapter. While this item doesn’t rely on microchips or other advanced technology, it’s still a must-have when you’re going to a different country. It’s easy to take electrical plugs for granted because you will normally only see one kind of plug for most of your life. However, there are actually 15 different types of electrical plugs in use around the world. 

Imagine that you arrive at your rental house in the UK and go to plug in your laptop so you can join an important meeting only to find out that your plug doesn’t fit into the wall. If you bring an adapter with you, you’ll never have to face that situation.

  1. E-Book Reader

Bringing an e-reader might feel a little old school nowadays, but it’s actually a convenient and easy item to carry that will make your journey feel smooth and seamless. Today’s e-readers are lightweight and often have an internal source of light, meaning you can read at any time of day. Not only can you take your favorite books with you, but you can also download travel guides about your destinations so that you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Technology and travel don’t just go well together, they are a perfect match. Next time you book a trip, think about how technology can make your life easier while you’re away.

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