5 Nigeria based smartphone brands you might have not heard of.

When a friend asked me if I have the review of Orbra Eve 2 because she probably intended on buying one, I was thrown off by the name,

it sounded too strange and somehow relating,

the next thought that came into my mind was; “That must be a Nigerian brand” and again, my instincts was right.

I decided to carry out a research to uncover more hardly

known Nigerian brands, I found out

that there more obscured phone brands in Nigeria that are mostly based offline while some have great smartphones

with premium features.

Below are 5 top Nigerian smartphone brands you should know of.


imose images

Imosé Mobile is a consumer electronics company that claims to be “Made in Nigeria”. They have this unique standard of  naming there smart phones  and tablets with typical Nigerian names.

Some of their products include Omotab 1.0 Educational Tablets for Kids, Kampe dual sim phone with 10,000mAh battery and the hot selling Imosé Ankara K2.

They are present online and sell their products online on Jumia and Konga and in offline markets as well.



Malata is a subsidiary of Wanlida Group Co., Ltd, a consumer electronics R&D company based in China. Wanlida Group has been in existence since 1984 , with a strong focus on research and development, as well as producing and selling consumer electronic products.

Just like most chinese brands, Malata is also targeting the lower end of the smartphone market. Their product catalog includes series of smartphones with average specs and decent prices. Their most expensive smartphone; Malata S501 sells at NGN26k while you can get the least expensive smartphone from them at the cost of just NGN10,500.

Malata is mostly offline but also sell their products Online On Jumia Nigeria.



Orbra is not new to the game, they have been in the market since 2011 when they launched their first tablet that was taglined ‘Orbra Inferno’. Ever since then they have launched 4 devices which includes; Orbra Avalanche, Orbra Inferno, Orbra Eve and Most recently, Orbra Eve 2.

They have a wearable smart device named ‘Orbra mini’, reports has it that they are also

working on the Obra Eve 3 that could launch very soon.

Orbra devices are designed in Nigeria, hardwares are assembled in China while Software and Packaging are done here in Nigeria.



Oryx Mobile is a division of Elisar Resources Ltd, a Nigeria based company aiming Towards offering High Quality Products, Technologies and Solutions to the growing Nigerian market.

Oryx is barely in Nigeria to an extent that getting reasonable information about was nearly impossible, well, just nearly though.

Oryx Social is their first and only smartphone so far and it costs just NGN10,500.

You can find their products mostly online on Jumia and Konga.



Just like Orbra, Solo is not new in the game,  Michael Akindele, a 30 year-old Nigerian is the director and a co-founder of SOLO Phone.

Solo is an experience-driven digital content and smartphone company focused on delivering the best content and services on the mobile platform to African consumers.

SOLO Phone was established in Nigeria in 2012 with the Solo S350 as there first smartphone, the

phone sold at NGN17k.

They later came up with the Solo S450 that was sold at the price of NGN27,500.

Their phones can be found in the online and offline smart phones market.

So that is it, there might be more Nigerian based smartphone brands out there but these are the only few I was able to come across, are you using or have

you used any Nigeria

smartphone before? Share

your thoughts and experiences with the comment section below.


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