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We would like to thank you for your interest in partnering with us.  is the number 1 Android Blog in Nigeria and Africa, reaching a mass number of monthly tech readers, our readers are mostly from African countries. We launched in September 2016 and right now, our content attracts over 390,000 monthly visitors (and fast growing) who generates over 670,000 pageviews every month, our News and Review articles are also included Google News section. (Proof of Traffic Statistics is available on request)

Site’s Data as of September 2017

  • Domain Authority: 44
  • Page Authority: 53
  • MOZ Ranking: 6.0
  • Average Monthly visitors: 390,000 (and fast growing)
  • Average yearly visitors: over 4,600,000

We currently have a social media popularity of over  10,200 Active Facebook fans , 1,100+ active email subscribers, 300+ Twitter Followers, over 750 Instagram followers and 100+ YouTube subscribers.

We are looking for long or short term partners that are willing to tap into our geometric growth in promoting their contents, brand or business on our platform. Our Audience are tech enthusiasts who are most likely to spend hugely on gadgets, as long as it tickles their fantasy.

Who Can Partner With Us?

We are willing to work with virtually everyone, however, the following category of brands or advertisers will get more conversion and exposure through our platform;

  • Mobile Phone Brands
  • E-commerce Websites
  • Network providers
  • Technology Startups
  • Wearables or other gadget brands

Why Should You Partner With Us?

There are several reasons to partner with us, below is only a few of them:

  • We are rapidly growing bigger everyday
  • We are focused on our mission.
  • We have a target audience of Gadget Enthusiasts
  • Our site has good domain and page authorities for SEO link builders
  • All our posts and pages are SEO optimized by SEO experts.
  • 70% of our visitors are from Google and other search engines, so they are buy-ready With there credit cards in hand.

How Can You Partner And Grow Your Brand With Us?

There are various ways you can partner with us and grow your business through our ever growing platform:

  • Sponsored Articles/Posts
  • Banner Ads of different sizes
  • Product Reviews
  • Sponsored/Promotional contests or give away.

Detailed breakdown of  our partnership options

1. Sponsored Articles/Posts : Are you launching a new product, deals, promotions, Online or offline business and you want huge publicity? You can promote your product/ business by publishing an article on our website. Your article will remain in our website forever.

It will be shared to all our Email Subscribers, will be continously shared and promoted on our Social Media timelines and our in-house SEO experts will optimize it to continuously get search engine traffic for as long as the article exists.

Pricing: You will be charged based on the number of articles you wish to publish over a given period of time;

1 Article – NGN31,500 ($90 outside Nigeria)

2 Articles – NGN58,900 ($165 outside Nigeria)

3 Articles – NGN85,500 ($237 outside Nigeria)

Price for more number of articles can be negotiated.

2. Text / Video / Banner Ads: If you’re looking for sales conversion, email subscribers and Top Of Mind Awareness for your products, then you should consider putting up a banner AD on our website. Your Ad will be seen by Visitors on Mobile, Desktop and Tablet. You will be able to track your ad performance using link shortening services such as and

Below are the sizes of Ads we currently accept:

  • 720 x 90 leaderboard (Header, Below content and above content)
  • 300 x 200 (Sidebar, Below Content, Above Content)
  • 428 x 60 (Header, Below Content, Above Content)
  • 300 x 600 (Sidebar Only)
  • Video Ad (Sidebar, Below Content, Above Content)
  • Text Ad (Sidebar, Below Content, Above Content, News Board)

3. Product Review: In depth product review is a great way of giving people a better understanding of how great your product works and giving them more reasons to go get one for them selves.

Provide us with a review unit or sample of your product and let our review team write a detailed review article on it. In addition, Our SEO experts will also optimize the review article, so to make sure it gets enough search engine traffic daily. At the end of the article will be a Credit Note with backlink to your products purchase site or your e-store/website, which ever way you want it, HERE is an example of product review we’ve done before.

 4. Sponsored/Promotional contest or giveaway: Do you have a product or business you intend to launch soon but needs more people to know about it? Running a promotional contest for our audience is undoubtedly the best way to gain more attention.


For Ad placement, partnership and business proposals, send an email to for more details, contact or alternatively use the Contact form in our Contact Page.

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