Android Lollipop Few Problems And How You Can Fix Them Yourself.


The Android Marshmallow has been introduced into the market by Google for quite sometime now but it seems that the rollout of the Android 5 (Lollipop) to devices is not helping it get the much needed spread and publicity. Let’s forget that for a while, those that are ‘fortunate’ enough to have laid hands on a piece of hardware running on the Lollipop knows it doesn’t come without its own problems. Today, we address those problems here and teach you how to fix some of them.

1. Poor Performance

Have you noticed that your device is running slower than it should? Or have you recently come to the conclusion that the Lollipop updates has slowed down your smartphone? Wail no more.
This problem is not unique to the Lollipop only. Years of updating your operating system without having a clean install first can create undue pressure on your phone, making it slow in performance. Try updating your apps to run well with the Lollipop. If that doesn’t work, kill and re-activate your apps and widgets one after the other to find the erring party. If none works, you might be looking at a factory reset.

2. Jumbled up Chrome Tabs

I’m wondering what was going through Google’s minds when they decided that it would be cool to merge the apps and tabs in the card stack, making everything seem disorderly. This can be fixed.
Simply access your Settings and disable the “Merge Tabs and Apps” function. Voila! Fixed.

3. Card Stack

Gone were the simple days when your Recent Apps list would just display the apps you’ve used in a while and have forgotten to kill. With the Lollipop, the newly-introduced Card Stack shows all the apps you’ve been using over a long period of time, and even a reboot won’t fix this. The best thing for you to do is patiently swipe it away one after the other.

4. Video Playback

Some android users, most notable the users of the Google Nexus 7 (ironically) have complained on lags experienced during video playback. This occurs for a lot of video players but the unrepentant offender is Youtube.
Fixing this is simple. Go to your settings and access the Youtube (or any other problematic) app and clear its cache. Bug fixed, for a while.

5. Wi-Fi Connectivity

It is no news that Android updates comes with connectivity issues all the time, and the Lollipop is no exception. Whenever this happens, it would be wise to delete all of your previous connections and add them up again. That should help.



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