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Android Nougat + HiOS 2.2 on Tecno Phones: What to Expect

Android Nougat Plus HiOS 2.2 on Tecno Phones

Some days back we posted that Tecno has announced that they will be releasing Android Nougat for other Tecno phones come this summer.

So far, only newly launched Tecno phones are running Android Nougat. Following request and complains by users, Tecno revealed that they are already working on Android Nougat for their other devices and that they will start rolling out the update by August.

They also revealed that the Android Nougat will come with the latest version of Tecno custom user interface – HiOS 2.2.

While we wait for the update, here are some exciting features that will be coming with the update…

1. Split Screen

Split screen is a feature that was introduced in Android devices starting with the launch of Android N. Split screen allows you to run two different apps on the same screen by splitting the screen in to two.

Android Nougat on Tecno Phones

This feature is particularly useful when multitasking and it comes in handy for big screen devices like the Tecno Phantom 6 and Phantom 6 Plus.

You should however note that not all apps support split screen function at the moment. You can learn more about split screen and how to enable it here.

2. Lock Screen Notification

Lock Screen Notification is feature that has been missing on Tecno phones in Android Marshmallow but it will be returning with Android Nougat and as you expect Android Nougat update for your Tecno phone, this is a feature you should also expect.

The Lock Screen Notification feature enables you to see all your notifications at a glance on your locked screen.

Android N + HiOS 2.2 on Tecno Phones

3. New HiOS Launcher

Expect a new HiOS Launcher with HiOS 2.2 update.  HiOS is acclaimed to be Cool, Simple and Efficient, and with new launcher comes new features.

Some of the features that will come with the new launcher are long pressing an app will show a quick menu, new auto sorting feature that aligns your desktop icons and one hand swipe down reveals your notifications.

HiOS 2.2 Features

HiOS 2.2 Features

HiOS 2.2 Features

4. Better Hi Theme

HiOS 2.2 comes with an upgraded theme manager – Hi Theme – which gives you access to thousands of themes, wallpapers, fonts and many more.

The Hi Theme gives you the capability to customize your device the way you want and the way it suits you the most.

HiOS 2.2 Features

HiOS 2.2 Features

5. Better Hi Manager

Hi Manager is an exclusive HiOS app that help manage your phone space ensure that your phone is running smoothly and efficiently.

With the Hi Manager, you can clear junk files, manage bandwidth, manage auto-start apps and manage app. The Hi Manager simply puts the control in your hand and it has been made better with HiOS 2.2.

HiOS 2.2 Features

Many more features will be coming with the Android Nougat and HiOS 2.2 on Tecno phones. Overall, you should expect a better phone performance and most importantly, a test of Nougat.

Android Nougat on Tecno


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