Android Online Live Betting: tips and strategies

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Live betting is one of the most popular types of sports betting globally. Betway allows pundits to place single bets and accumulators for live games. But, some gamblers struggle to place live bets due to poor internet connection. It is important to check the strength of your network signal as odds for live sporting events change fast. The following are a few tips and strategies that will help you win many live bets.

3 In-Play Betting Tips You Need to Follow

Have you been struggling to win live bets of late? Here are three tips that will turn things around:

  1. Choose Better Odds

Some beginners fear choosing high odds and place huge accumulators comprising possible outcomes with fewer odds. It is advisable to choose an outcome with odds of 2.0 and above, and place a large stake instead of selecting odds of less than 1.5. But, you need to analyze the previous results of your favorite team before you bet.

  1. Don’t Wager on Many Live Games at a Go

At times, you might be tempted to combine more than eight bets in an accumulator. This will greatly reduce your chances of winning, as it is tricky to make eight accurate predictions at once. Many sports enthusiasts who engage in live online football betting with Betway create accumulators with less than four games.

  1. Avoid Chasing Losses

Some people place many pre-match games at once but when a game starts and a key player sustains a serious injury, they start placing live bets to win back part of the initial stake they might lose. It is not wise to chase losses when you lose several consecutive bets. Instead, take a break and evaluate your betting strategy.

3 Top Live Betting Strategies

The following strategies will increase your chances of winning in-play bets:

  1. Corner Betting

This strategy is common in soccer betting. Some gamblers like using it when top teams are losing in a game during knockouts. Yet, the attacking side needs to score from the wings or at the Centre. For example, if a strong team is hosting an underdog, and they have conceded one goal, bookies can award the home team more goals. Some of them provide the 7, 5, and 3 corner options.

  1. Over 1.5 Betting

Many pundits don’t know this live betting strategy as it has a higher risk compared to other strategies. It is appropriate in matches that are likely to have many goals. You can predict that the goals in a specific quarter in the match will be over 1.5.

  1. Arbitrage Betting

Choose a bookie that doesn’t limit betting accounts if you want to use the arbitrage betting strategy. You can place over/under goals bets or corner bets. Compare the odds that two bookies are offering for a particular possible outcome and choose the highest odds. But, it is prudent to wait for odds to synchronize to place bets and make a higher profit.

Experienced gamblers recommending having a betting strategy for each sport you wager on. It is wise to follow weather updates while placing live bets as harsh weather can force sports officials to postpone or abandon a match. Besides in-play betting, Betway offers a variety of betting options including pre-match bets and future bets.


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