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Android OS exit: Huawei has a powerful, in-house OS in the works

Android OS exit: Huawei has a powerful, in-house OS in the works

Huawei has been having a rocky relationship with the US for a while, and that is soon to come to a head with the company having been told to pack its things away from the Android OS package. Almost as if the Asian OEM had seen this coming, they have been developing their own OS since the year 2012.

Such a long time would have allowed them make a lot of headway, and it seems this move will force their hands into releasing such an OS into the market.

News has emerged that the loss of Android OS licence will mean no more access to the Google services like Gmail, YouTube, Drive and the likes. However, the new OS in development – which some dub to be KirinOS – will have the ability to run Android apps.

If developers so wish, they can specially design their apps for the new OS, or they could just let it run Android apps out of the box. Remember that this is the same thing we saw with Blackberry OS, so we know it is possible.

If this operating system makes the market, Huawei would be in a league of its own (just like Apple) and there is no telling how much they can grow to become a world power in the smartphone market.

Or, things could simply go south. For now, it is a waiting game – one that we are very much interested in.


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