Another Lenovo Z5 teaser shows a perfectly bezel-less screen

Another Lenovo Z5 teaser shows a perfectly bezel-less screen

As we are coming upon the launch of the new Lenovo Z5 in a few days, the third teaser has now been released to give us even more insight into what to expect. Coming from the VP of the global brand, Chang Cheng, is an image that teases the bezels (or lack of it) which would be on the smartphone.

While other bezel-less devices have been keeping some bezels in the mix, this might be the first unit to really live up to that name.

Lenovo z5 teaser

Chang Cheng made it known via his Weibo account that they have tried to make a stunning screen on this unit rather than go for hiding a secret in a part of the panel. We hope that plays out well for them during the launch event which is scheduled to hold in June.

Speaking of the launch, Cheng has also started a social media campaign which is aimed at giving people tickets to the launch event. As of now, the details available about the Lenovo Z5 are far and in-between. In the coming days and weeks to its launch though, we hope to gather a lot of solid information and report that.


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