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Apple finally joins the Flip phones wagon with two flip-style foldable iPhone prototypes

Report has it that Apple is currently building two foldable iPhone prototypes that will look somewhat like the Oppo Find N3 Flip and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 devices, although we might have expected the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold5 or the OnePlus Open:

While Apple’s recent exploration into foldable devices may raise speculations, it’s important to note that the tech giant is merely in the experimental phase with this form factor. There’s no indication that foldable iPhones will enter mass production this year or even by 2025, with potential release not expected before fall 2026, should the project proceed. Discussions with an Asian manufacturer for sourcing parts hint at progress, but the project’s fate remains subject to Apple’s rigorous quality standards and could be terminated at any point.

Apple’s Initial efforts to create a thin foldable iPhone dates back to 2018, but technological limitations in battery and display technology hindered progress. There vision for an outward-facing display in its foldable design, akin to Huawei’s Mate X, posed durability concerns and complicated the development process.

In 2020, Apple shifted focus to a rumored foldable iPad, delaying the potential release of any foldable device until at least 2026. Presently, engineers are striving to eliminate creases in the display and engineer a hinge that allows for a seamless, flat screen surface to accommodate Apple Pencil usage without interference. While LG and Samsung Display are reportedly involved in the foldable iPad project, suppliers for the foldable iPhone’s screens remain undisclosed.

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