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Apps to Turn your Mobile into a Content Creation Machine

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In the world of business, content creation is extremely important. Everyone from IT Support Companies to Advertising Agencies, require eye-catching and engaging content to build a successful marketing strategy. Perhaps you are an aspiring freelancer that specialises in marketing, or you’ve just started your own business – in order to create meaningful content for your marketing, you need to have all the tools available to you whenever inspiration strikes. This is why the following applications are essential for any budding content creator to have on their phones.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe have made a name as the go to company for creatives looking for professional software – Lightroom is no different. Offering a wealth of functions even with the free version, this app is lightweight and easy to use; providing you with excellent photo editing capabilities that you can use on the go.

What is more, it is one of the few camera apps that has RAW photo capture support. By using the in-app camera, you can capture images in RAW file formats, which offer much better image quality and more flexibility for image editing.

Photography is a crucial part of Content Creation, and Adobe Lightroom will turn your phone into a pro photography tool.

Adobe Premiere Rush

This is the lightweight version of Adobe’s professional video editing software, Adobe Premiere Pro. Premiere Rush was specifically designed for use on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets; and it was also designed with vlogs and other internet-native video content in mind – so that are a great many templates and useful features, such as export pre-sets that are optimised for video platforms such as YouTube, Snapchat and TikTok.

If you are a online video creator, or working with a company to produce online videos, Premiere Rush is a perfect, lightweight solution.


As a small business or a marketing freelancer, it is very important to utilize social media in your marketing strategy. Creating eye-catching content for social media can go a long way, and it is easy to do when using Canva. Canva is available both on the web and as a mobile app, and offers a diverse range of templates designed for all the different social media platforms – not to mention different styles of content like videos, banners, and graphics. You can also create many other things, such as business cards, resumes, presentations, newsletters, the list goes on!

There are hundreds of graphics, images, and gifs available from different artists, many of which are available under the creative commons license, and everything you create can be easily downloaded.


Once you have the tools to create your content, you will need the right tool to distribute it. This is where Later comes in – it is an industry-leading, free social marketing platform that enables you to schedule content across all the top social media platforms – Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, etc.

Later has both free and premium options, and it has a fully functional mobile app, so that you can design, create, and schedule content all whilst on the go.

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