ASUS ROG Gaming Smartphone To Launch On October 18


The ASUS ROG phone has been highly anticipated by many mobile gamers since it was announced in June. ASUS has just announced that the smartphone will become available for pre-order on October 18 in the United States. The launch event for the ROG phone will take place at the Microsoft Store on Fifth Avenue in New York City.

Even though ASUS made the announcement of the date of the launch event about a week ago, the company did not really release more information about the gaming phone. However, more information has now been released about the ROG Phone, ASUS’ first gaming smartphone.

ASUS ROG Phone Specifications

  • Display: 6-inch full-HD+ AMOLED screen.
  • RAM:
  • Android Version: Android 8.1 Oreo.
  • Battery: 4,000mAh.


ASUS ROG Phone Accessories

ASUS has announced that the full range of accessories available for the ROG Phone will go on sale in the fourth quarter of 2018. These accessories include:

  • Mobile Desktop Dock: This accessory will allow you to connect your ROG Phone to an external 4K UHD monitor, mouse, and keyboard, to enjoy a better gaming experience.
  • TwinView Dock: The TwinView Dock will turn your ROG Phone into a powerful dual-screen console.
  • Gamevice Controller: This is the main game controller for the ROG Phone. It comes with dual analog joysticks, left and right fire triggers and bumpers, a D-pad, and A,B, X, Y, L3 and R3 buttons.
  • WiGig Dock: This provides a pairing function that uses WPS protocol, an established Wi-Fi standard.
  • ASUS Professional Dock: This will allow you to connect your ROG Phone to a big-screen monitor or TV. It comes with a network port.
  • ROG Phone Case: Of course, this will help protect your device from scratches and bumps.

ASUS ROG Phone and Accessories Price

The ASUS ROG Phone comes with a price tag of $899 (about 326,000 Naira). However, the accessories come with separate prices. The Mobile Desktop Dock comes at a price of $229.99 (about 83,000 Naira). The TwinView Dock costs $399.99 (about 145,000 Naira). The price of the Gamevice Controller is set at $89.99 (about 33,000 Naira). The WiGig Dock and the ASUS Professional Dock come at $329.99 (about 120,000 Naira) and $199.99 (about 73,000 Naira) respectively. Finally, the ROG Phone Case will set you back $59.99 (about 22,000 Naira).

The second-gen Razer Phone will likely be a direct competition to the ASUS ROG Phone. Other gaming phones out there include the Doogee S70 and the Black Shark.


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