Basic information about Blockchain that a Bitcoin investor should know

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For various reasons, a blockchain that is also known as distributed ledger technology or DLT is considered one of the best digital inventions of the 21st century. Like all great innovations, Blockchain has come to disrupt the digital world which has created positive disruptions in different niches of the digital world. Check out this link:

This technology serves a great role in the bitcoin network. Blockchain is the underlying structure of bitcoin that provides utmost security to the cryptocurrency. Each transaction that takes place on this DLT is stored cryptographically time-stamped, indicating that one is allowed to trace information regarding it on the system. This is why all the transactions on this platform are known to be secure, safe, transparent, and reliable. It is virtually impossible to tweak or tamper with all the data stored on the blockchain. 

There is some basic information about this Blockchain technology that a Bitcoin investor should know. Once you explore such details and information, then you will find it easy to make the best use of Bitcoin to reap its benefits. 

  • No Intervention by Any Intermediary

Blockchain has become extremely popular because no third party or intermediary is there to interfere in it. Due to this reason, a sender can send a currency or asset to the receiver without needing any intermediary or third party like banks or financial institutions. 

Once a transaction is initiated, it does not need any approval from a third party or middleman. Only the buyer and seller are supposed to interact. Once the transactions are agreed to be made, the process can be initiated. Not to mention, the whole process becomes cost-effective and faster due to this reason.

The high-end cryptic framework and code secure every transactional data in the block. This ensures the level of authenticity involved in every transaction, which inherently increases the confidence of investors and users. Therefore, the transactions are authentic. 

However, according to many experts, it is also possible to find out and prove the real owner of an asset in blockchain technology though for a transaction only a unique cryptocurrency address is required. You can explore BitQT to learn more about this.

  • Blockchain is More Than Just a cryptocurrency frame

Blockchain has a lot more useful in other fields than cryptocurrency. The technology is used in almost every sector nowadays to store data and to make the whole system convenient to use. In Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, it is a tool that makes all cryptocurrencies viable besides the basic purposes. Once you know more about this technology, you will get to know other aspects of this disruptive technology. 

  • Transparency is its Main Attribute

Blockchain has become so popular worldwide within a few years after its inception. Among all the other attributes and benefits, the main aspect of blockchain technology is its transparency. This platform comes with the ultimate transparency you will never find anywhere else. One can even anonymously make a transaction as and when required. 

All this is possible due to the absence of any centralized or traditional authority like a bank or financial institution. Moreover, blockchain technology does not have any centralized data center, but a copy of the data is present in all the computers of the blockchain network. 

  • Smart Contracts

Blockchain smart contract is another aspect of this technology. These contracts are nothing but pre-programmed contracts, which are executed if some specific conditions are met. These conditions are generally met with the triggers of the users when they are opting for use. It thus effectively facilitates to trigger of the process as the final step. Unless this condition is not met, the transaction will not be executed in any way. 

  • Public and Private Kblockchain

Blockchain networks are considered to be classified into two types such as public and private. Everyone can be a part of the public blockchain for obvious reasons. On the other hand, in the private blockchain network, there is to be a single entity to decide on participants and kick out other participants. 


The role and responsibility of blockchain to change the fate of the world is significant. The ever-growing popularity of this technology is the ultimate reason for bitcoin to gain popularity. More numbers of people are coming forward and showing interest in this technology as well as cryptocurrencies.  

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