Break It If You Can! Oukitel K4000 Pro boxing test by Fans.

OUKITEL K4000 Pro boxing champion live show

Have you ever wondered if the K4000 Pro is going to break if you Punch it hard with your fist? Well, Here is the answer.

K4000 Pro has been on sale for a period, its toughness and lifetime has been proved by many fans. As K4000 pro’s tough screen is spreading globally, many stores in China selling this model teamed up to organise a boxing test for the K4000 pro, they invited consumers and passers-by to experience the toughness of the K4000 Pro’s

screen, which is “Looking for Boxing Champion”. Many of them stopped by to witness the boxing show.

Most of the fans were surprised and doubted that it will break the phone. But after they saw the video

of K4000 Pro being used to knock nails in and out of wood, they were wowed and punched it freely, see the video below:

Apart from having a very tough screen, K4000 pro also features an homogeneous 4600mAh battery, MT6735 quad-

core chipset, 2GB RAM+16GB ROM, 13MP+5MP camera and 5V/1.5A quick charge.

Now during the spring flash sale season, K4000 Pro is sold mostly only at $99.99. You can still get it from one of the stores in Aliexpress: BlackPeach

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