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You can now borrow data bundle from MTN with MTN Xtrabytes

As ridiculous as it may sound, it is official and true, yes, you can now borrow data bundle just as you can borrow Airtime. You can freely ask MTN to lend you data bundle plan when you suddenly run out of browsing with no credits to subscribe for another, the data bundle will have a validity date same as the normal plan.

Despite having lots of cheap data plans from MTN Glo, Airtel and of course Etisalat and even cheaper ones for Android and other Smartphones users, there are some good reasons why someone would want to borrow data from MTN with the new Xtrabyte feature. The reasons can either be genuine or just for lust!

Speaking of genuine, you might want to borrow data from MTN when you run out of data in the middle of important browsing and can’t go out to buy Airtime credit at that moment. Secondly, people will tend to borrow data from MTN when they practically want to dump that SIM card for another.

Most people who don’t pay back after borrowing didn’t actually have the intentions of doing so but after pondering on how to recharge N500 just to pay an old debt when they have important calls to make, dumping the SIM for another one will be the next option. It is highly advisable to only borrow the amount you know you can always pay back at any time to avoid living as debtor.

If you want to borrow Airtime or Data from MTN Nigeria, you must first be active. It is also important to Note that MTN XtraBytes allows you to borrow data and pay later on your next recharge. There are some few necessary things you need to know before going to borrow data from MTN

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  • Eligibility; To check if you are eligible for the service, dial *606#. You’ll see an option of checking your eligibility status with this code
  • Can I Borrow as Many times as I want? Many Nigerians would love this feature but unfortunately, you CANNOT borrow Data or Airtime multiple times. It is just once and after you pay for that, you will be eligible to borrow another.
  •  Can I transfer this Data? The answer to this question is very simple. NO, you CAN’T transfer the data you borrowed from MTN Xtrabytes to another MTN line.
  • Can I borrow Data even after not paying for the borrowed Airtime? Well, the answer is Yes. You CAN borrow data from MTN, even though you are yet to pay back your loaned Airtime from MTN.
  • What amount of data can I Borrow? You can borrow as much 750MB with MTN Xtrabyte at the moment, the maximum is 750MB for now but you can borrow 10MB, 30MB, 100MB, 200MB or 750MB if you want.

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  • How can I Check my Mtn XtraBytes Data? All you need is to dial *606#. This code will help you to check your xtrabytes data balance just the way it does for your Xtratime.
  • Will MTN Charge me for the service? The answer is Yes! If they can charge you for borrowing Airtime then the one of data bundle should be rest assured. MTN will charge you 10% extra on top of the data you are borrowing, just like the Mtn Xtratime.

Others important notes:

Be well informed that MTN will abruptly deduct the credit equivalent of the amount of data you borrowed via airtime the moment your recharge your phone and as aforementioned, the data you borrowed will have the same expiry date as your normal data bundle.

How do you see this new innovation from MTN? Will you be using the service for some reasons in the future? drop your comments and share to inform your friends about it.

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