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10 Best Samsung Galaxy J6 (2018) Cases and Covers

Best Samsung Galaxy J6 2018 Cases and Covers

Samsung is great with their mid-range units and one of such that could easily contend with flagships from some other brands is their Galaxy J6 series. Like fine wine, these series get better with age. That is why the best we have seen so far is of course, the Samsung Galaxy J6 (2018).

Featuring a beautiful front and a power-packed behind, Samsung did one thing they do best – mesh great architecture with wonderful functionality.

However, that does not make the unit less prone to scratches and worse, screen breakages. That is not to mention some other minor accidents that could deform the aesthetics on the phone.

So that you won’t have to worry about that, we have curated a list of the best ten Samsung Galaxy J6 (2018) case and covers in the market today. Let’s get into shopping some protection for that great phone, shall we?

1. Dretal Galaxy J6 (2018) Carbon Fibre Case

Dretal is no newcomer to the game of making smartphone cases and they showed that expertise in their Galaxy J6 (2018) Carbon Fibre Case.

The use of carbon fibre would have been informed by the decision to make the case highly functional and protective yet light to the touch. It was then finished with a brushed texture body on soft TPU material that would not hold fingerprint.

Thus, the issue of smears and other such smudges would be reduced.

The rubber material used for the build is not prone to expansion. That way, installation and removal of the case won’t cause it to lose its form. Finally, the shockproof casing is guaranteed with a warranty that lasts up to 30 days after the initial day of purchase

2. KuGi Premium Galaxy J6 (2018) Case

If you are looking for more than just a smartphone case, one of the things you should look at is this KuGi Premium Galaxy J6 (2018) Case. We say that because this casing comes with a compartment for holding a card (credit card, debit card or ID card) alongside protecting your phone.

Made in form of a wallet, you are guaranteed 360-degree protection. It is made with premium PU leather of high quality with precise cut-outs to all the ports and sections of your Galaxy J6 (2018).

The wallet design also means there is an automatic kickstand built into the casing. When watching movies or consuming other visual media, this would surely come to play nicely for you.

Did we mention that the manufacturers have a quick refund policy in place, should you not be impressed with the product later?

3. ZeKing Ultra-thin Galaxy J6 (2018) Case

This ZeKing Ultra-thin Galaxy J6 (2018) Case will be the first clear case that we will be talking about on this list today. The best part is that it offers more than just being a clear case.

Of course, this will be a clear choice for those who want to protect their units but not have to hide its beauty in the same breath. On the protective side, this casing makes use of transparent TPU material to achieve a lightweight, thin yet tough appeal.

The installation and removal are quite easy. With anti-stretch mechanism in place, the rubber material isn’t due to fail from any mechanical stress anytime soon.

A reasonable design means that the ports and grills on the phone have been accounted for. More than that, external button covers have been made subtle to the hand.

4. CASEVAN Shockproof Galaxy J6 (2018) Case

Available in colours of black or a transparent model, it is easy to see why CASEVAN will tout their casing as being shockproof.

This Shockproof Galaxy J6 (2018) Case has been reinforced on all four sides with a little bit of extra protection to make sure the shock resulting from the phone dropping on its side doesn’t get into the unit’s screen. The rest of the body was made with a fusion of premium polycarbonate and TPU material for the best protection.

With both materials at the helm of affairs, you surely don’t need to worry about neither of scratches nor drops.

The design of the case was also considerate enough to ensure you don’t need to remove it before you can access all the ports, microphone grills and camera sections. The external button covers are likewise soft enough to the touch ensuring you don’t face extra difficulty in accessing them.

Finally, a textured interior is engaged to prevent air bubbles from forming on the back of your phone thus preserving the build

5. Cell Bell Silicone Galaxy J6 (2018) Case

The standout feature of the Cell Bell Silicone Galaxy J6 (2018) Case from every other casing unit on this list is the design on the back of it. Going for a completely beautiful natural scenery complete with water, sky and flowers, Cell Bell’s option adds even more character to the phone.

Besides character, all the edges of the phone have been reinforced with extra protective material to absorb shock from falls and drops. It is well-known that silicone is a good absorber in itself too, so that takes care of the body bulk.

Precise cut-outs make the casing even neater and practical for everyday use.

6. Anccer Ultra-thin Samsung Galaxy J6 (2018) Case

Anccer is yet another popular name in the game of smartphone cases. To give your phone some edge, they developed the colourful series of Ultra-thin Samsung Galaxy J6 (2018) Case.

Available in a total of seven smooth colours, the case is made from premium PC material which is not only durable but great for the environment. Going on, you will find out that the choice of premium material leads to an excellent grip mechanism.

One thing that we love more than the perfect cut-outs is the way the back of this casing was slightly elevated around the rear camera. By so doing, you can place the phone down on its back and not worry about having the lenses scratched (thus destroying the output of future pictures)

Only 0.8mm in size here is something that no doubt adds more flavour to your phone

7. Fettion Premium Wallet Flip Case for Galaxy J6 (2018)

This is the second wallet-like casing we have on this list today, but it’s not without its own peculiarities. The outside of this Fettion Premium Wallet Flip Case for Galaxy J6 (2018) is one to fall in love with, made from a premium leather material with soft padding to protect the phone against falls.

Opening the case, one finds various pockets in there. You can use that to hold an ejector PIN, SIM cards and even ID cards/ credit and debit cards. When not in use, you can engage the magnetic strap to keep the phone secure between the wallet folds.

You should know that the flip case can also be used as a kickstand for media consumption. 360-degree protection and an entertainment potential are surely a good bargain any day

8. ZXLZKQ Musical Love Case for Galaxy J6 (2018)

We have seen clear cases – a lot of them if we might add – but none with as much attitude as this ZXLZKQ Musical Love Case for Galaxy J6 (2018). Made of soft silicone and shipping with a gold sticker, this dynamic clear case is available in a variety of 23 different colours and designs to give you just the right cultural fit for your personality.

More than that, it is also highly functional. That is defined by the strength of the lightweight high-quality silicone TPU material and explained by the anti-slip properties that come with it. You will also find the cut-outs for ports and grills quite intuitive, making the case one that can stay on for everyday use.

Lest we forget, there is an unconditional refund and exchange program that can be activated within the first 30 days of purchase

9. AIWEIRDI Samsung Galaxy J6 (2018) Case

Available in a lush of beautiful, warm red, the AIWEIRDI Samsung Galaxy J6 (2018) Case benefits from high quality, soft TPU material to deliver its services as a lightweight yet dependable protector of your smartphone.

Made to guard your smartphone against dust, dirt and scratches, you get complete access to all external buttons without having to remove the case first. And yes, you get access to all external ports too, all within the case design

10. SLEO Rubberized Hard PC Case for Galaxy J6 (2018)

In the line of smartphone cases, we are yet to see one as smooth as this SLEO Rubberized Hard PC Case for Galaxy J6 (2018). The name already gave off the fact that it was made from PC material. Not just any type of PC material, but a hard one.

The storyline then continues with an elegant design that allows you access to all external ports on the unit. Need reinforced edges? You have them!


We have tried to cover the variety of materials, build types and manufacturing standard of casing out there in this list. The truth is, even if you’ve got a high taste when it comes to phone cases, you’ll surely find a Samsung Galaxy J6 (2018) case that suits your need in here.

Don’t forget to let us know when you find one that makes you happy in the comment below.

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