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10 Best Huawei Honor View 10 Cases and Covers

Best Huawei Honor View 10 Cases and Covers

While the world is going bezel-less with dual cameras and charging a premium for it, Huawei brought in the option of the Honor View 10 (also known as Honor V10) with the same features and at a very reasonable price.

This is a unit that has gone on to challenge flagship models from other brands and holds its own well against upper mid-range offerings from bigger manufacturers.

As awesome as the unit it though, it won’t protect itself. That makes it necessary to get some form of protection for your unit lest it becomes less desirable in a little time. If you are looking for something of such, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Today, we have just the right list for you – ten of the hottest options when it comes to Huawei Honor View 10 Cases and Covers.

1. Wellci Flexible Honor View 10 Case

Wellci went for a simple design when they were making this Flexible Honor View 10 Case but that does not make it anywhere less functional. Available in a variety of five different colours, the casing is made from premium TPU material which has been specially treated to prevent shock from reaching the unit.

There is a visual dynamism feel with the carbon fibre pattern on the back. Asides giving the device some more aesthetic feel, the slightly rough texture provides just the right texture to guard against slips and drops.

On closer observation, you will be able to notice a built-in spider web texture. The aim of this is to radiate the heat away from the back of the smartphone in the case it starts to overheat. You won’t even have to remove the casing for anything.

Finally, the precise cut-outs provide for access to all external ports and lenses for better daily usage.

2. TUDIA Full Matte Honor View 10 Case

From the name, you will have already deciphered that this TUDIA Full Matte Honor View 10 Case comes in a matte colour. Not just matte, but the full frosted feel that ensures you don’t have to worry about smudges and smears from fingerprints.

The material of make is high quality, rubberised silicone gel. That choice ensures all the shock is absorbed within the elastic layer. The best part is that the rubber has been made non-elastic. In the process of intermittent removal and installation, the casing will still retain its shape.

Offering an extremely comfortable grip, the case is made in such a way that it allows for better handling of the phone.  Did we mention the raised edges to prevent your phone’s screen from scratches when you place it down on a flat surface?

3. Unismart Thin Fit Case for the Honor View 10

Colour options won’t be an issue for this protective casing which comes in a total of three hues. Beyond that though, it is slim enough to cover the entirety of your device while not making it feel extra bulky to the touch. The precise cut-outs take care of the external ports just right.

The promise of protecting your device is made by the us of military-grade, standard protection material in the build. A variety of air cushion technology in all the corners takes care of shock absorption when the device falls on its sides.

Inside the flexible TPU case is a web pattern. The significance of that pattern is to get the heat out should the battery temperature start rising. Probably the best part of this deal is the lifetime warranty promise, showing you just how much trust its makers put into it.

4. SunRemex Durable Armor Honor V10 Case

It is a different thing to talk about using military grade protection and it is another thing to see that type of protection even before you have been told anything. The latter is the case with SunRemex Durable Armor Honor V10 Case which looks just as strong as it comes.

There is a reinforced four corner design to absorb shocks in the time of drops. Internally, there is a heat dissipation function to keep your battery optimal and internal heat reduced.

Even though it has been developed to absorb shock from drops, the case is still made with a convex-concave design to reduce slipping. Not just slipping, but the dual layer TPU/ PC protection allows for anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch mechanisms.

At the back of the case is a kickstand which can be used to hoist your device on surfaces for easier media consumption. Finally, a 90-day warranty package rounds off the list of impressive specs

5. Mingwei Honor View 10/ V10 Case

Quite frankly, we don’t even know where to start with this Mingwei Honor View 10/ V10 Case. Of a truth, we don’t think we have come across one casing that packs as much features as this one.

Talking about the basics first, there is a soft TPU inner layer and an outer layer of tough PC material to provide a dual protection layer to the phone. This same protection was then accentuated with a raised lip which guards against scratches that could have otherwise arose from placing the phone face down on surfaces.

On the edges, carbon fibre materials are used to enhance grip. Speaking of grip, a 360-degree rotating ring is present for improved handling. When not in the hand, the unit can be set down on surfaces and the rotating ring used as a kickstand instead. When in a vehicle, a magnetic back allows for mounting on the car’s dashboard.

Need we say more?

6. Vinve Huawei Honor V10 Case

Specially made for the Honor V10 is this black case form Vinve which showcases a fusion of bumpers into the overall build of the casing. Dubbed Vinve Huawei Honor V10 Case, the good news starts with the choice of material being the ever-reliant TPU.

The slim fit profile is maintained in such a way that the casing adds minimal bulk to the unit while still keeping it secure. On the back is a fusion of polycarbonate material with the semi-flexible bumpers made from TPU instead.

The unique design gives you access to all external buttons on the device so you don’t have to remove the casing before accessing important buttons

7. CoverON Honor View 10 Clear Case

This CoverON Honor View 10 Clear Case will be the first of its kind (clear cases) that we will be discussing on this list today, and it lives up to its name. It is no surprise that the make material is TPU.

Coming with as much as 90 days on the warranty package, this chioice of casing allows you show off the beauty of your unit while also protecting it from the dangers of drops and scratches. We don’t need to remind you that it is made for a perfect fit on every Honor V10 unit out there

8. QIALINO Magnetic Slim Flip Leather Case for Honor V10

The Qialino case is made of genuine leather material and is specially made for the Honor View 10. On the inside is a premium TPU bumper case to protect you phone from shocks and drops. The Qialino flip cover is designed to last and will last you as long as your phone lasts.

The case not only protect your phone but also gives it an elegant look.

The magnetic flip cover with raised-lip and wrap-up protection ensure your phone is securely held in the case. The case is easy to install and the buttons and ports are easy to reach as well.

9. Jiunai Ultra Protective Honor V10 Case

Jiunai wasn’t just making an exaggeration when they said their casing was ultra-protective. Mere looking at the casing, you would have known the kind of promise that it holds for your device’s protection.

Available in four different colours, the case is made of a dual-layer technology (involving TPU and PC material fusion) to bring the ultimate protection to your units. The back of the casing is made very rugged and with elevated stripes, protecting the camera lens from scratches and impact from drops too.

To cap it all off, users get precise cut-outs to allow easy access to all those external ports on the unit.

10. AIWEIRDI Shock Absorption Honor View 10 Case

It would not have been a complete list if we had not mentioned the AIWEIRDI Shock Absorption Honor View 10 Case. Before we launch into the specials, note that it offers you all of the basics – integrates protection with an ultra-thin build, contributes to device beauty and offers cut-outs to external ports and grills.

More than that though, this same case makes use of the latest matte finishing technology on the back. In English, that means you don’t have to worry about fingerprint smudges and smears appearing everywhere. Promised to be non-slip and anti-skid compliant too, gone are the days when you used to accidentally drop your phone or when it would slip off surfaces itself.


The Hawei Honor View 10 is a phone that is really worth taking the best care of and there is no better way to protect your phone than to use a phone case. The list above provides you some of the best options in the market and we believe that you will surely find one that suites your style here.

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