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10 Best Samsung Galaxy A6 2018 Cases and Covers

Samsung Galaxy A6 Cases

The Samsung Galaxy A6 2018 came to the market at a time when the midrange market was suffering a lapse in quality.

One of the standout features of the phone as at that time was the way Samsung opted to put the fingerprint scanner on the back, rather than embed it into the home button. Asides adding aesthetic appeal to the unit, it also made it even more functional.

The best part is, that is not even the best part.

There are a lot of cool specs that come with the unit to make up the full package. With a 5.6-inch screen and 4GB RAM under the hood, that can only be bettered by the promise of a 3000mAh battery.

These specs are not things to be toyed with. In fact, they should be protected as much as you can. That is why there is a need for phone casing and covers. Today, we bring you the best Samsung Galaxy A6 2018 cases and covers in the market right now.

1. HeDou Plonglora Galaxy A6 2018 Slim TPU Case

Made of environmentally-compliant, flexible TPU material, the HeDou Plonglora Galaxy A6 2018 Slim TPU Case is developed in such a way that it extends to cover all the edges and corners of the device.

It has an alternating geometric pattern built into it in such a way that it allows the easy dissipation of heat from your device. A brushed metal texture layout added drop dispersing protection to the unit that ensures shock is spread through the entire cover.

This same brushed metal texture helps keep the phone’s back safe from fingerprint smudges, scratches, specks of dust, collision and abrasion. The accurate hole positions on the case also make accessing all the ports and external grills easy.

For those who would like to use wireless charging, you should consider this one since there is native support.

2. ZeKing Ultra-Slim Galaxy A6 2018 Case

The clear case model of this ZeKing Ultra-Slim Galaxy A6 2018 Case was made with a soft and flexible TPU material which fits your phone ‘like a glove.’ The exclusive design makes sure the casing is only compact for the Galaxy A6 2018.

Accurate cut-outs allow for easy access to all the ports on the phone, making sure it is compatible for everyday use. Raised edges save your screen and rear camera from lens scratches while the anti-slip setup saves you from your clumsy hands.

3. Ringke PC Back Galaxy A6 2018 Case

Yet another clear case on this list is this Ringke PC Back Galaxy A6 2018 Case and the name already gives away that is was made of Hard PC material. It is worthy of note that the material is lightweight even though it is made with 2x the actual TPU + PC material required.

There is thus little wonder why this clear case would be dubbed to have come with military grade protection.

It is hard not to notice the reinforcements which are on the four sides of this casing. The purpose would be to reduce the shock from drops so that they don’t get spread into the screen.

Enhanced grip and a perfect grip on the sides reduces cases of slipping, effectively limiting chances of the screen and bodily damage.

4. Find box Wallet stand Galaxy A6 2018 Case

What makes this Find box Wallet stand Galaxy A6 2018 Case unique is its form factor. Coming in form of a wallet is not just in the aesthetic form but also the functional form. 360-degree protection is ensured since the wallet wraps around the back and comes around to the front.

A magnetic strap helps secure the flaps of the flip casing, minimising accidents from falls. If we haven’t mentioned this earlier, the protective material is made of soft TPU and PU material on the outside.

Available in a total of eight patterned designs, the front flap also doubles as a kickstand for media and browsing purposes

5. CJ Sunshine Galaxy A6 2018 Silicon Case

Of all the phone casings and covers we have been addressing, the CJ Sunshine Galaxy A6 2018 Silicone Case is the first one to be developed with silicone material. For sure, that already spells a beautiful appearance on top of rubbery feel, anti-slip and distributed shock absorption.

Easy to install and remove, the rubberised silicone is anti-stretch. You don’t have to concern yourself with the casing losing its elasticity on constant removals and installations.

The good news is, you won’t even need to remove the case constantly. Perfect cutouts and access to all external ports make for everyday use. Did we mention the lifetime warranty package?

6. Scheam Samsung Galaxy A6 2018 Case

Simple yet compatible with the Galaxy A6 2018, this Scheam case is easy to use with the precision cutting which makes it very easy to access the ports and speakers. The heavy-duty protector comes with a shockproof TPU shell which also protects your device from scratches.

For 360-degree protection, you can opt to have your phone case shipped with a screen protector from the same company.

7. SsHhUu King Kong Armour Case for the Galaxy A6 2018

It is said that there is power in a name, and that is just what the SsHhUu King Kong Armour Case for the Galaxy A6 2018 proves. We should start by talking about the dual-layered casing which is made with a TPU exterior and Hard PC material on the inside.

The rugged armour does not just look like military wear to the eyes but offers stable protection all around the unit. One other thing that should be noted is how the casing was developed to prevent grease stains, cracks to the phone, scratches on the screen and abrasion or dust damage.

Raised camera cut-outs and TPU edges ensure the lens and screen doesn’t scratch by direct surface contact. Offering good grip and comfortable touch, you get complete access to all the external buttons and ports without having to remove the casing at all.

Finally, the Air Cushion bumpers around the corners effectively absorb shocks and impacts after drops and hits

8. CaseExpert Premium Leather case for Galaxy A6 2018

This CaseExpert Premium Leather case for Galaxy A6 2018 was specifically chosen for the ladies who would like to rock their beautiful phone in all its beauty and still not have to sacrifice on its protection.

Of course, the manufacturing material is leather, coming in a wallet design with metallic strap on the front to hold all flaps in place. It protects the phone from scratches both on the front and back, allowing users the kind of 360-degree protection that puts their minds at rest.

As is with most flip cases, the top flap also doubles as a kickstand in the occasion of consuming media or surfing the internet.

9. Vostrostone Galaxy A6 2018 Case

Available in no less than four colours is this Vostrostone Galaxy A6 2018 Case. We have been seeing the various uses of TPU cases but this is surely one of a kind in terms of design.

The manufacturers of this case swear by the fact that the TPU material they use came from Germany. It was then specially treated to last longer than the average TPU material.

Asides that promise of longevity, the TPU is flexible and thin enough to offer a soft and comfortable grip. The thickness is great, the protection is better but that does nothing to contribute to the bulk.

Finally, a 30-day satisfaction program is in place to ensure you get your money back if you don’t like what you get within that time frame

10. CaseExpert Printed Pattern Flip case for Galaxy A6 2018

Yet another one from CaseExpert is another option for the ladies. Now, we have a variety of 16 different colour combinations that could be made for the CaseExpert Printed Pattern Flip case for Galaxy A6 2018.

We don’t need to reiterate that coming with a flip cover means it gets added protection on the front. That also means you get a kickstand when you want to watch movies, browse the web or use your phone for other tasks in a handsfree mode.

Expected to protect your phone from scratches, you will get to love the snug fit it has for the Galaxy A6 2018 while giving access to all vital ports on the outside.

Wrap Up

Style and elegance were already built into the Galaxy A6 2018. What you might not have known is that you can double that, and consequently add an extra layer of protection, onto the unit with your preferred cases and covers.

Looking through this list, we are sure you’ll find something that catches your fancy. Found it already? Do share with us in the comments section.

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