Here Is Why You May Have A Hard Time Finding The Best OnePlus 6 Case Right Now

Finding Best OnePlus 6 Case

The OnePlus 6 was recently launched in US and Europe. If you are the type that go extra miles to protect your investment with a case (which you should by the way) your are probably already looking for a phone case for your OnePlus 6.

That is definitely a good idea but there is a glitch…

You may have a hard time finding the best OnePlus 6 cases right now despite its popularity.

Usually phone case makers prepare for the launch of a highly anticipated phone like the OnePlus 6 in advance. But for some reasons, several high-profile phone case manufacturers are not catching the OnePlus 6 fever.

According to a recent report by Techradar, they inquired from some top phone case makers in the industry regarding when they will be releasing a phone case for the OnePlus 6 and the answers they gave weren’t exciting.

For instance, MNML, which are famous for making arguably the best thin cases in the industry hinted they may not be making OnePlus 6 case any time soon. The reason they gave is that OnePlus changes phone model too frequently so they end up with a lot of unsold phone case inventory.

Incipio and Speck were very direct on this matter. They stated point blank that they do not have any plans to support the OnePlus 6.

One that gave some bit of hope is Spigen. They confirmed that they are in the process of making a case for the OnePlus 6 but they are not ready yet.

Despite the fact that some of the top case makers in the industry are backing out in making a case for the OnePlus 6, we doubt if there will be shortage of OnePlus 6 cases in the market given its popularity and the number of case makers in the industry. As a matte of fact, there are already a lot case for the OnePlus 6 in the market and you can find some of the bests among them here.

You can expect a lot more of that in the market soon.

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