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OnePlus 6 Official Cases Review

OnePlus 6 Official Cases

OnePlus 6 has been finally launched after so much hype. The smartphone really lived up to its hype and it is arguably the best phone from OnePlus so far. Its design is unique compared to other OnePlus phones, cameras where improved and the phone is equipped with high-end internals.

OnePlus has also launched their own official phone cases for the OnePlus 6. This is something common with OnePlus phone and the fact that OnePlus 6 is made of glass body makes phone case a must.

We have already made a review of the best OnePlus 6 cases aside from the official ones. Here we will be looking at the 5 official OnePlus 6 cases.

1. Silicone Protective Case

OnePlus 6 Silicone Case

As obvious from the title, this one is made of silicone material and the bright red color will make your phone standout. The phone case offer a decent protection for your OnePlus 6. It covers the entire back of the device and will add some much needed grip to the phone which is somewhat slippery, thanks to the all glass body.

The case retails for $19.95 on the official OnePlus site and you can get it here.

2. Sandstone Bumper Case

OnePlus 6 Sandstone Case

Unlike the red silicone case mentioned above, the Sandstone Bumper case has cut-outs for the buttons, which means it will add less bulk to the phone. The case is a lot similar to the silicone case though and offer some decent protection as well.

This case adds a texture feel to the OnePlus 6 and of course it also adds some grip to the phone.

The price is the same as the silicone case and you can get it here.

3. Karbon Bumper Case

OnePlus 6 Karbon Bumper Case

This one too will offer a reliable protection to your OnePlus 6 without increasing the bulk. The case is flexible, sturdy and lightweight. The case is said to be shock, high temperature and corrosion resistance.

The case was made in partnership with Evutc – a company that specializes in making protective cases – and it feels like the most rigid case among the all.

The Karbon case is sold for $29.95 on their official site and you can get it here.

4. Nylon Bumper Case

OnePlus 6 Nylon Case

Arguably the best among them and also unique to the OnePlus 6. The Nylon case wasn’t available for the previous OnePlus phones while the others mentioned here were.

This case offer all-round protection as it wraps around the edge of the device. It is shock resistance, heavily textured and easily the one with best grip. And of course with a case like that you would expect it to be bulkier than the rest and it didn’t disappoint.

The case sells for $24.95 on the official OnePlus website and you can get it here.

5. Ebony Wood Bumper Case

OnePlus 6 Ebony Wood Case

This one can be classified as classic although the design feels a bit old-fashioned. This one too offer around protection but the design could have been better. The Ebony wood case has similar features as the Nylon bumper case with the major difference being in the finishing. If you fancy classic wood stuff, you might like this one.

The retail price on the official OnePlus site is $29.95 and you can get it here.

All in all, the official OnePlus cases aren’t bad at all but if you are looking for something “unofficial”, you can check out our round up of the best OnePlus 6 cases here.

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