What Your Cell Phone Case Says About You

What Your Cell Phone Case Says About You

There’s a big difference between someone with a Hello Kitty phone case and, well, anyone else. Believe it or not, your phone case can reveal a lot about you, and you might be giving away more than you think. Take a look at what your phone case might be saying about you, and pay attention to what it says about the people around you:

Sturdy, impact-resistant phone case

strong and sturdy phones cases and covers (2)

You don’t actually partake in adventure sports, but you want people to think you do. Despite your adventurous facade, you are actually very stable and reliable, with a deeply grounded perspective. You want to seem like the kind of person who spends their weekends out in nature, climbing mountains and confronting bears, instead of on the couch with Netflix.

Waterproof cell phone case

water resistant phone cases and covers

You live in Seattle, or you cry easily, or both. You have great internal endurance and a willingness to stick with difficult choices until you accomplish your goals, even though you are sometimes emotional and too sensitive. A waterproof phone case shows that you’re addicted to your phone, and are likely to use it in the most unlikely of situations. You can’t resist shower selfies, even if you don’t send them to anyone.

Solid black

solid black phones cases and covers

You’re all business and want people to know it. You insist on being taken seriously, on the clock and off, and you’re on the clock way too much. Your methodical approach to life leaves nothing to chance, and you work single-mindedly toward your goals. You avoid conflict, perhaps too much. You are so organized and practical, it may be time to rethink your workaholic ways and take up a hobby.

Solid color (jewel tone)

You love the spotlight and like to grab attention. You have a keen eye for fashion, and stay on top of the latest trends. You sometimes give in to a desire for extra drama and occasionally play the victim to get positive attention, but your heart is in the right place. You inspire deep love and loyalty in others, and are blessed with close friends and family who are eager to protect and defend you. Make sure you take the time to love and appreciate those who care for you.

Solid color (pastel tone)

solid color phone cases and covers pastel

You are a natural peacemaker and spread happiness wherever you go. You constantly seek goodness in humankind, and are rarely disappointed, bouncing back from the occasional setback. You always want to be surrounded by love and beauty, and seek pleasure in the here and now. Your deep empathy makes you a skilled negotiator, always able to find the best compromise and look for the most positive solution. Remember that you can’t always make everyone happy, and recognize your efforts without dwelling on the consequences.

Pattern (abstract)

abstract pattern phone cases and covers

You are a creative soul with deep intuition, always looking for the next layer of meaning. You are highly intuitive and have an artistic talent. You have a strong love of music, and are deeply sensual. You have a weakness for protecting the underdog and defending the defenseless, and that can lead you to take on some battles that are too big for you. But even when you lose, you take comfort knowing that you were trying to do the right thing, and it doesn’t stop you from trying again. Try not to let others take advantage of your sensitive nature.

Pattern (representational)

pattern representational phone cases and covers

You are friendly and good-natured, always willing to help out a stranger and adopt a stray puppy. You always pay attention to the details, and have a tender heart. You often freely share yourself with the world, without considering that you might get hurt. You are very forgiving of others, but sometimes struggle to forgive yourself for your weaknesses. You sometimes cling too long to emotions that would be better to let go.


word phone cases and covers

You are passionate and caring, and have a large, diverse range of friends, but sometimes struggle to connect deeply with others. You are always willing to help others, and can be more sensitive than you reveal to the world. You are full of emotional patterns you don’t always fully understand, and only a few close people can manage your moods. You sometimes allow people to take advantage of you, and may want to guard your heart more closely.

Selfie accessories (lighting, pop socket)

phone cases and covers with selfie accessories

You have a carefully crafted image and always present yourself in the best light, literally. You are bright, ambitious, independent, and determined, with a keen practicality that underlies decisions that some people mistake as frivolous. You are always thinking two steps ahead, and don’t always let your feelings show. You set high standards for yourself, but your dedication and intelligence will see you to your goals. Remember to take time to breathe deeply and enjoy the present moment without focusing so hard on the future.

Natural materials (leather, bamboo)

leather and bamboo material phone cases and covers

You prefer the finer things in life, and don’t mind letting everyone know about it. You care about quality, in objects as well as relationships, and only invest yourself for the long term. Your excellent taste and attention to detail can seem haughty to others, but it’s simply that you know what you like. Once you’ve grown close to someone, you are extremely loyal and forgiving. It would be good for you to relax some of your critical, exacting nature sometimes, and work toward accepting others as they are.

Cracked, battered, old case

old and battered phone cases and covers

You are either broke, or you are pretending not to care. If you’re broke, let it go – there are more important things to worry about. If you are pretending not to care, acting like you are above mere material possessions and these things don’t matter to you, give it up. You may think that it’s all about looks, but a new phone case will feel better and work better. Like lots of things in your life, you could stand to worry a little more about practicality and a little bit less about your image.

Now you know what your phone case says about you, tell us the category you belong to in the comment below. We would love to hear it 😉

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