Creative ways to make money with your smartphone

make money with mobile phone

Smartphones are now the most effective way to communicate with each other, when not face to face and with the rest of the world. Most people use their device for many hours every day, but are we missing out on ways we could use our time on smartphones to make money? If you have a decent internet connection on your handset, the rights apps as well as a bit of insight, making money is a real possibility now.

Many of us aren’t aware of this fact, but it is actually possible to make money from shopping on our smartphone. There are many different sites and apps that offer bonus points, credits and even cash back for shopping via the site or app. The concept of this method works in the same way that coupons do, they often have an integrated tracking system or affiliate programme, which also means potential to earn money by referring others to a site or app.

Many online sites will offer a referral fee if you can get a friend or family member to sign up and use a specific site or app, for example many online casino sites offer this as a way to make money via your smartphone. A good example of this is online casino brand Unibet, who offer a referral fee for every friend you invite and then go on to register for the service. In this particular example, the reward is a £40 referral bonus, and is really an easy way of earning some extra cash!

Affiliate marketing really does provide a big opportunity to earn money with a smartphone. All the user needs to do is promote affiliate links provided by the product or service owner. So that every time your link is used to make a purchase or installation for example, you will receive a reward, often in the form of money. It is even possible to use messaging apps on smartphones such as Whatsapp and Facebook to profit from promoting products and services to others and distributing links this way.

Another way to make money via your smartphone is through online trading. More and more people are making the decision to invest in stocks and shares now; with many making considerable profits from doing so. It is now possible to use smartphones to do this and they provide a flexible way to check on the market and even trade stocks and shares. There are many applications now that make this possible too which can be found through any app store on a smartphone.

So it is now clear that there are many opportunities to make money on the internet and it is now very easy to do this via a smartphone. As mobile usage worldwide continues to grow and grow, it is virtually assured that the opportunities to make money with smartphones will continue to expand on a daily basis; and is a real potential path of earning that should not be overlooked.


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