Damaged Hard Drive? Let EaseUS Free Data Recovery Wizard Come To Your Aid

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A malfunctioning hard drive can make it extremely difficult to access the stored information. It can happen at absolutely any point of time due to virus attack, bad power supply, corrupted operating systems and many other factors.

This is why it becomes necessary to take a backup of the data on frequent intervals. But our hectic work schedule rarely provides us with enough time to take regular backups.

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In such a scenario, we have to deal with data loss as and when it happens. You can tackle with the issue in a better way coupled with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free which can help you with document, audio, video, graphics, emails and other file recovery in a seamless manner. So, without further ado, let’s take a brief look at this software and how it can make data recovery seem like a cakewalk for you.

  • The first thing we expect out of a data recovery software is simplicity and this where EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free scores brownie points. Its clutter free interface actually renders a calming effect on people who are dealing with the stress of data loss. You can proceed through the steps easily by following its self-explanatory guidelines and undertake the entire data recovery in three simple steps.
  • You can recover more than 1000 file types using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free which opens up greater possibilities ahead of the users. You can take your pick amongst graphics, audio, video, document, email as well as other files while carrying out recovery.
  • Data loss might occur from a variety of devices such as external disk, zip drive, SSD, pen drive, laptop, USB drive, hard drive, camcorder, RAID, music player, CF/SD card, video player, digital camera, micro card etc. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is compatible with all such devices and can keep you protected from all sorts of adversities.
  • You can benefit out of this versatile recovery software in a variety of languages such as German, French, English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Russian, Korean, Indonesian, Polish, Turkish, Hungarian and Arabic.
  • It can keep your back in different data loss scenarios occurring due to virus attack, disk formatting, partition becoming RAW, missing partition, accidental deletion of recycle bin data, hard drive damage and even Operating System crash.
  • You can review the recovered files prior to restoration. This in turn helps to prevent unwanted restoration of redundant files and can save your valuable time as well as effort.
  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free provides users with dual scanning modes. The first is Quick Scan which makes use of basic algorithm while searching for the sectors from where data was deleted in the first place. This is followed by Deep Scan which ensures full proof results by scanning every single sector in detail.

By default, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free allows users with recovery of 500MB data. But once you use up this limit, you can share this software with your acquaintances over Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus for availing 1.5GB more absolutely for free.

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