Domino DM09 Plus Smartwatch Phone Full Review

domino dm09 plus incoming call

Domino DM09 Plus is a Smartwatch phone that was design to do more than just tell time, the smartwatch comes with over 36 pre-installed apps ranging from Health apps, Multimedia apps, Telephony and messaging apps and lots more.

The watch is also quite fashionable in the body design aspect, it has a 2.5D curved screen and it can be won by both male and female. In this article, we will reviewing the features Domino DM09 Plus smartwatch phone. Let’s quickly glance through the device specs before unboxing and reviewing its design.

Domino DM09 Plus Key Specs

  • Display: 1.54-Inch capacitive screen (240 x 240 pixels)
  • Processor: Mediatek MTK2502
  • Speaker: Yes
  • Storage: 64MB RAM + 128MB ROM, No external storage
  • Camera: 0.08 MP front camera
  • SIM card: Yes (Single Micro SIM)
  • Network: 2G
  • Supports Android 4.3 or later and iOS 7.0 or later
  • Picture format: BMP,JPEG
  • Music format: MP3
  • Video format: MP4
  • Bluetooth v4.0
  • Battery: 320 mah
  • Features: Alarm, Notification, Phonebook, Sound Recorder and more
  • Functions: Anti-lost alert, Pedometer, Remote Camera, Sedentary reminder, Sleep monitoring

Unboxing and Design

Domino DM09 Plus is well packed in a thick white box with a thin seal holding the cover, inside the box is the DM09 PLus smartwatch with another smaller box beside it that contains the charging cord. The lid of the box makes room for the English/Chinese Manual, Barcode paper and a spare screen guide.

domino dm09 plus features

The smartwatch comes with a pre-installed screen guide on top, it finishes with a plastic body cover and rubber straps with metal fastener.

domino dm09 plus full lenght

A 0.08 megapixels camera sits on the top side of the screen, on the left border is a charging port and on the right is the power button, crown switch and the microphone hole.

domino dm09 plus right side

domino dm09 plus left side

The device has a single micro SIM port at the back which can only be seen when you twist-open the circular back cover, it’s speaker opening can also be found at the back (You can read full unboxing and first impression here)

domino dm09 plus backside

domino dm09 plus back opened

Smartwatch Apps

The Domino DM09 Plus has a very populated app menu with 37 different applications on the app menu list, the apps are; Theme, Remote notifier, Sleep monitor,  Camera, BT music, Messaging, Dialer, Anti-theft, Quick response, About, Flight mode, Motion, Pedometer, BT connection, Phonebook, Sedentary reminder, File Manager, Settings, Clock, Volume, Language, Calculator, Remote capture, Siri, Sound recorder, Image viewer, Video recorder, Video player, Stop watch, Power saving, Call logs, Alarm, Calendar, UV, Brightness, Mainmenu style, Vibrator.

domino dm09 plus apps 1

domino dm09 plus apps 2

domino dm09 plus apps 3

Smartwatch Functions

Time Telling

The DM09 Plus is quite good in telling the time all day long, it comes with five different clock faces for you to choose from. This consists of four analogue clock faces and one digital clock face, you can easily switch the faces by long-pressing on the current clock face then swipe to left or right to choose, or by simply twisting the crown switch back and fort.

domino dm09 plus clock faces

domino dm09 plus digital clock face


Multimedia apps include Image viewer, Video player, Video recorder, Sound recorder, Camera and BT Music. Images and Videos captured with the 0.08 Megapixels front camera can be previewed through the Image viewer and Video player apps.

domino dm09 plus camera interface

Due to lack of micro SD card support and low storage space on the DM09 Plus smartwatch, you can only capture about 4 images or a 17-second video with the device. Domino DM09 Plus is powered by MTK2502 processor, RAM 64MB ROM 128MB internal storage

The good part is that images or videos captured can be easily transferred to your connected Android device through Bluetooth so you can delete them and free up space for more images and videos.

Below are some images taken with the DM09 Plus…

The BT music app lets you play, pause or skip songs through the connected device via Bluetooth, the sound quality of the device is practically not the best but it is literally good enough for a smartwatch.

domino dm09 plus bt music interface

Message and Telephony

Domino DM09 Plus supports single micro SIM with only 2G network option, it has Dialer, Phonebook, Call log, and Messaging apps. You can either synchronize the device with the connected Android or iOS device or make use of the installed SIM card.

domino dm09 plus dialer

domino dm09 plus call logs

domino dm09 plus phonebook interface

Phonebook Interface

You can dial a number or view contacts on the connected device through the watch even when there is no SIM card on the device. You can also connect your Android or iOS device to watch and receive or hangup calls coming into your phone through the smartwatch.

domino dm09 plus incoming call

domino dm09 plus call

domino dm09 plus dialing interface

The smartwatch uses the back speaker as call receiver, the speaker is quite clear and good for receiving calls especially while indoors but when in a noisy environment, you’ll struggle to hear through the speaker.

You can also compose, send and receive messages with messaging app on the device.

domino dm09 plus messaging

domino dm09 plus compose message

Health apps

Pre-installed health apps are: Pedometer, Sedentary reminder and Sleep monitor. With the help of the Fundo App installed on your Android or iOS device, you can monitor your heart rate and do a couple of other things.

fundo app interface

To install the app on your Android or iOS smartphone, you just have to scan the barcode on that paper you will find inside the box with you device.

The Pedometer apps lets you record how many steps and distance you have covered in kilometers, helping you have full control of your sports life.

domino dm09 plus pedometer

Sedentary reminder will help remind you to stand up after sitting for a particular period time, you can choose for how long you want to be seated before the device reminds you to get and walk around atleast.

domino dm09 plus sedentary reminder

While the Sleep monitor helps you monitor your sleep quality by recording for how long you have slept, you just have to click on ‘start’ when you are about to sleep and let the smartwatch do its job.

domino dm09 plus sleep monitor

Battery and connectivity

Domino DM09 Plus smartwatch phone carries a 320 mAh battery, from experience with watch, this battery capacity can see you through 48 hours after a single full charge. It takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes to completely charge the smartwatch.

domino dm09 plus cord and charging port

The USB cord is magnetic, you can easily attach it to the watch by just bringing close enough to charging port on the right left side. You can also connect the smartwatch to your laptop or other devices via USB as Mass storage or COM port.

domino dm09 plus charging

Other Functions

Remote notifier: This is where the notifications on your phones are displayed, you can view view notifications from Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and other apps

domino dm09 plus notifications

domino dm09 plus notification

domino dm09 plus notifier

Motion gesture: This app lets you choose whether to enable wake up gesture where you just have to raise your wrist and look at the smartwatch to wake it up, amongst other motion gestures.

domino dm09 plus gestures

Settings: The setting apps consists of basic phone settings like Clock, Volume, Bluetooth, Display and other settings. One unfamiliar option is the Magic Voice setting where can choose from different voice options and change the way your voice sounds during phone call.

domino dm09 plus magic voice

Themes: There are three different themes available on the DM09 Plus smartwatch, the themes are just different background colors for the Mainmenu interface.

domino dm09 plus theme options

Anti theft: When you enable the Anti theft function, the device will alert you when the connected smartphone goes a particular distance away from the smartwatch.

domino dm09 plus anti-theft


DOMINO DM09 Plus is undoubtedly one of most powerful wearable devices in the market today, it can be your necessity when you go out for travel or even during your sports days. The device has many features in store but that not withstanding, there are still some major cons with the device; Low storage space and no external SD card support and no browser feature. Aside these, the DM09 Plus is a very nice and fashionable smartwatch phone with moderate price tag.

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