Easy Ways to Create a Dropshipping Website from An Android Device — Step-by-Step Guide

dropshipping with android phone

Over the years, a large number of individuals have inclined towards starting a dropshipping business. Because, in this sort of business, an entrepreneur requires a minimum revenue to continue the retailing operations. Even dropshipping business involves fewer risk factors and can be profitable if you choose the right product. 

Along with finding a reliable supplier for the product delivery, there’s a lot more to consider. Without creating a mobile-friendly website, you might not be able to get customer’s trust. Nowadays, 70% of consumers check the drop shipping company’s website before purchasing any product.

Moreover, dropshipping business operators can increase the conversion rate with a well-designed website. Even the suppliers and manufacturers search for the drop shipper website before working with them. 

Additionally, with a dropshipping business website, you can easily reach out to millions of customers across the globe. And, it will help expand the business and in its potential growth. So, if you have planned to initiate a dropshipping business, make sure to create an innovative website. 

You must have a pre-planned idea about how to create a site from a PC or laptop. But, what will you do if these devices suddenly stop responding amidst the website creation process? In certain instances, consider making the dropshipping website from an Android phone. 

All you need to do is follow some simple and precise steps to design the e-commerce website. Here, we have mentioned step-by-step instructions to create a dropshipping site from a smartphone:

  • Choose a Mobile Web Application

If you need to build, publish or redesign the dropshipping site from the phone, select a reliable web application first. You can even continue creating the website from an Android device after accessing the required apps. Additionally, the newbie drop shippers can install that web app on the PC to major changes of the dropshipping site. 

But, make sure to provide the same login credentials that you used while building the site from the phone. Moreover, there are plenty of website bundling applications available on the PlayStore. And, you might find it challenging to choose the right one that can help you create a responsive website. 

More than 50% of drop shippers have used popular website designing sites like WordPress; it offers many add-on plugins for dropshipping. You can even update the published contents of dropshipping sites from the phone via this website building app. Additionally, it requires less time to publish the sites from WordPress. 

Alternatively, you can go with website builder apps, like GoDaddy or Weebly, to design the dropshipping store. But, make sure to choose a monthly subscription plan, or else you won’t be able to sell products online. So, take time and do proper research for dropshipping in UAE

  • Provide a Unique Website’s Domain Name 

Once you choose the application where you want to design the website, next opt for registering its domain name. After accessing the application from the phone, look for the “Add Domain” section. From there, you can register the dropshipping site’s domain name with ease. But at times, choosing an inappropriate domain name can affect the dropshipping business. Create a domain name that will clearly depict the kind of products you deal with.

You can also add the country where the drop shipping service is available in the site’s domain. For instance, if you want to deliver electronic products across the UAE, including “.UAE” will benefit you. Make sure the online store’s domain name is short and easy to understand. 

You can also use SEO-friendly words to increase the site ranking in future. And, no matter which website bundling app you are using, make sure the domain name isn’t already registered. Think out of the box to make the dropshipping site’s domain name unique. Don’t provide characters inside the domain name; that won’t be acceptable in any Android-based website designing app. 

  • Think about the Product/Niche 

Have you thought about the types of products you want to add to the dropshipping store? Yes! But, do those products have high market value? If not, then you should immediately consider changing the dropshipping business products/services. Go with a product that always remains high on demand in the countries where you want the products to be delivered. 

For instance, in the business hubs like Dubai, you can import items like metals, glass materials, or antique artworks. Additionally, you can opt for selling high-quality essential oil in the dropshipping store. 

Are you struggling to choose the right product for the dropshipping business? Download an app on an Android device and start the product searching process. From there, you can get a list of items that can be ideal for business growth. You can also acknowledge the highest selling or trending products from social media ads. 

  • Choose a Template for the Website

Most of the newbie drop shippers tend to think that it takes a considerable amount of time to create a website. But, that’s a misconception that many entrepreneurs believe in. If you have a predetermined website designing plan, then it can be done within less than an hour. 

Including the right website template for the dropshipping business is important before creating the website. Usually, every drop shipper needs to focus on creating the main pages for the business site. Here is the list of the pages that you need to include on the website:

  • A Homepage
  • Shopping Cart
  • Order Confirmation Page
  • A Product Template Page
  • Product Category Page
  • Payment Section
  • And, a “Checkout’ section

Make sure to provide the right information on these pages of the dropshipping website. Don’t provide any irrelevant or misleading information in the product description. And, if you find obstacles while creating the template pages, consider hiring a website developer. Make sure to have a stable internet connection to perform the website building process on the phone. 

  • Add the Product’s Price

Have you determined the product’s price that you want to sell to the interested customers? No! Then, it’s high time to think about that, as that’s an essential factor of an e-commerce website. Make sure to check the specific product’s price the competitors are offering. Based on that, add a price that the potential consumers can afford with ease. 

Don’t forget to include the price ranges on the dropshipping website. It will help you to improve the online customers’ experience in buying the products. You can also add the current deals or offers to entice the buyers to the dropshipping site. 

Do you know you can gain the customer’s trust by adding product-related images or videos? Yes! So, make sure to include high-quality and relevant images of the products on the business sites. 

What Sort of Mistakes Should You Avoid While Creating Dropshipping Sites from an Android Phone? 

Creating a website from a smartphone is relatively easy and less daunting. But sometimes, you can end up making some major mistakes which can decline the customer base. Make sure to check how the dropshipping website looks when it’s on in a smartphone. Don’t keep the font size too small, as that can bring inconvenience to the buyers. You also need to avoid adding infographics that won’t fit on an Android device’s screen. 

Further, don’t add lengthy product descriptions; nobody reads that. Every drop shipper should focus on adding a super-responsive navigation bar to the website. Further, you should also provide the contact information on the dropshipping website’s homepage. Along with a website, the drop shippers must build mobile applications for robust customer engagement.

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