Elephone ELE smartwatch: affordable, round and feature-packed


If you’ve heard of Elephone, you’re probably thinking “phones with big batteries,” but it turns out the company put together a very impressive Android Wear watch. It should be available soon for $115 shipped and it checks all the right boxes.

The Elephone ELE smartwatch has a large, round 1.5″ display with 320 x 320px resolution. It’s a TFT without the “flat tire” design that Moto couldn’t fix even in the second generation. It’s one of the biggest round screens on a smartwatch.

The watch is powered by MediaTek’s MT2601 chipset, which was specifically designed for wearables. It has two Cortex-A7 cores at 1.2GHz, a Mali-400 GPU and 512MB RAM. There’s 4GB of storage too (note that they are listed in gigabits in the source link).

The ELE smartwatch is well equipped – a metal casing with an IP67 rating, changeable metal link or leather wrist strap, a heart rate sensor (something the affordable Zenwatch 2 does not have) and a relatively big 400mAh battery. The one thing that’s missing is GPS.

The whole thing weighs 60g, but there’s no word on the thickness.

You can find the Elephone ELE smartwatch on Gear Best. There’s no availability date, but you can sign up for a notification or kindly like our FanPage to get updated as to when it becomes available and the price in Nigeria and around the world.


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