Event invite suggests the coming of a Xiaomi Mi 8 Anniversary phone

Event invite suggests the coming of a Xiaomi Mi 8 Anniversary phone

Since we have known Xiaomi, the brand has always released a Mi flagship device in the February of every year. This year however, they made the decision to launch a Mi Mix 2S (an upgrade over the Mi Mix 2) instead of what was supposed to be the Mi 7.

According to the new information we have a hand, this could be because the company wants to launch a Mi 8 in a bid to commemorate their 8th year anniversary in the market.

From an invite spotted on Weibo, there is a large 8 at the middle of a poster which asks people to gear up for an event to hold on the 31st of May. As at the time of this writing, there is still yet to be official information on the coming of either a Mi 7 device or this one that is said would be dubbed the Mi 8 Anniversary Edition.

If rumours are to be given some thought, it is expected that this Mi 8 comes with no less than 6.01 inches of edge to edge screen made with OLED display. Being the flagship offering, it is unsurprising that a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset be offered at the heart of the unit, followed up by 3D facial recognition technology and of course, a 4000mAhh battery to boot.

Even though Vivo has beaten every other smartphone maker to the punch when it comes to the issue of in-display fingerprint sensors, it is said that such a feature will come with this unit too.

For now, all of these are just speculations. Given that the launch event is in less than two weeks to now though, we will surely be getting some actionable information to go on soon.


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