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Evolution of the Samsung Galaxy Note Series – Roadmap to Galaxy Note 9 [Infographic]

samsung galaxy note series evolution

Samsung launched Note 9 recently, and the world can’t seem to have enough. The long overdue successor for the Galaxy Note 8 is finally here and is better than any other Galaxy phone that we have had the chance to experience.

With many new changes, the best of all, as always, is the new modifications to the S Pen. Before we dive into the infographic representation, let’s discuss the key features of the new Galaxy Note 9

The phone makes use of better calibrations with the screen and now includes Bluetooth Radio for enhanced functionality. Enhanced gestures and better compatibility with the apps used in the smartphone, makes this phone the best of all the Note smartphones so far.

Another interesting factor here is the dual camera addition. Picking up the dual camera set-up from its S series counterpart, Samsung has added AI features to the dual camera set-up and created a smart camera for this modern phone.

Taking the display of Galaxy Note 9 a bit further, the smartphone-giant has nailed the display right with Note 9. The phone, despite being more than 6-inches in size, is still comfortable to use. The phone still fits well in our pockets and is not bulky, as these phones used to be until Note 4, and we are more than glad. Other than this, another noteworthy point is that Samsung has decided to keep the earphone jack intact, which has been highly applauded by fans and users alike. The inclusion of an earphone jack allows the users to make use of any kind of earphones with the smartphone to enhance their experience.

Note 9 is packed with 128GB storage at the entry level and offers 512GB capacity as an option. Apart from this, Note 9 even gives you the option of enhancing the storage level up to 1TB. Other than this, the Note 9 packs better and advanced RAM options of 6GB and 8GB capacities.

The phone has various tweaks and upgrades from the previous Note model. DisplayMate has announced that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has the best display of all the phones that they have tested, this title was held by Samsung’s Note 8 previously.

Without a doubt, Samsung has moved mountains in the field of smartphones. Note 9 is, by far, one of the best creations Samsung has come up with. Below is an infographic representation of Samsung’s journey to the Galaxy Note 9 device:

Credit: Hometop

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