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Infinix S2 pro suggestion and review?  




Am in Pakistan and I want to buy infinix s2 pro for my dad,so what is ur review and suggestion as regarding the price and compare other phones


Hi Jayash12, the Infinix S2 Pro is not a bad device for a gift.

S2 is feature rich and also compact.

Definitely you know your dad better than I do so you are in a better position to tell whether he will like the device or not, but the Infinix S2 Pro is a device I highly recommend.

The device is sold for about 155 USD.

You can check out the full specs of the device here and you can also check out the key features of the device here.

I hope that will help you make up your mind.

**I started using smartphones when they were "dumbphones"**


i will consider buying removed link thanks for ur reply 👍🏼

You are welcome.


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