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Android Nougat Update for Infinix Zero 4 Plus Beta 3 + Download Link

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Android Nougat (Beta 3) update has been released for Infinix Zero 4 Plus.

For clarity sake, the "Beta" means it is not the final version and there may be bugs in it.

The update was released for Zore 4 Plus version X602N-H972A1C1 and it is available over-the-air (OTA) and via Tcard.

Before you proceed to update, here are some caution you need to take:

  • This update may crash rooted devices.
  • Plug in the charger to OTA upgrade when power is lower than 30%.

Here are the things you get with the update:

Fixed issues:

1.Fixed the problem about APK errors and enhance user experience.

Optimized issues:

1.Optimized Starting speed

2.Optimized the interaction of fingerprint recognition

3. Optimized and enhance user experience,solve the problem about APK errors.

Added Functions:

1.Update watermark in camera.

Download links:



To update via OTA, simply go to Settings>>About phone>>System update.

If you want to go TCard route, you can find the procedure for that here.

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