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Major Upgrade for Infinix XOS

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XOS is Infinix's customized user interface, and it first made it's debut in the Infinix Hot 4.

The XOS received a lot of criticism, particularly because of not having the option to send apps to desktop or remove app from desktop without uninstalling it. That was really frustrating for some users who where excited about the XOS.

Recently, XOS was upgraded and most of this issues where addressed.

You can now send app to desktop by tapping and holding it. And you can now easily remove app from desktop.

Another notable change in the XOS user interface is the "favourite" section at the top of the app drawer.

The favourite section houses your most used apps so that you can easily find them when you click the app drawer.

Here are some other changes in the most recent XOS update:

  • You can choose to arrange in alphabetical order or reverse sequence in the folder.
  • Add application interface to the folder in bulk, the icon does not show the check box.
  • Desktop editing interface beautification, the icon is not selected when he check boxes displayed, click the icon to display the selected status.
  • Optimized the XTheme switching speed and reduce the waiting time of switching state by half.

Some good news...

XOS launcher is now available in Google play store which means you can now experience the Infinix official launcher on your phone even if you are not using an Infinix phone or an Infinix phone that is running XOS chameleon.

In case you need some reasons to download the XOS, here are the key features of the launcher:

  • Quick Navigation: Instantly launch any app from search or alphabetized app drawer;
  • Universal Search: Search inside all of your apps in one place. Find contacts, movies, news, musicians and more;
  • Personalization: Import and customize your layout, app icons, icon size, wallpaper. XOS gives you the flexibility to make it your own;
  • You can even set different wallpapers in home screen and lock screen to make it more fun and interesting;
  • Auto-group related apps using Smart Arrange feature to keep your screen organized"
  • Free themes: hundreds of free themes waiting for you to try!
  • Theme DIY: DIY your own themes, become a famous designer with fans!
  • Download and share your favorite wallpapers with XOS users worldwide and get likes;
  • Themes are of all kinds of styles, material design, sports, romantic, cartoon, fashion, music, etc;"

Some XOS Launcher Tips:

  • Pinch the screen to access screen previews.
  • Long press an icon to drag and drop it over another one to create a folder.
  • Drag, hover, and drop app icons over the remove button at the top of the screen to quickly uninstall apps.
  • Smart Folder: Smartly sort apps into categories based on functionality. Keep your phone clean and organized.

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