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How to Upgrade Your Infinix Phone via Tcard

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One good thing about Infinix devices is that you have many options when it comes to upgrading your device to the latest version. You can upgrade via OTA, Tcard and via Flash.

No doubt OTA is the easiest and safest way to upgrade and that's what is recommended. But there may be time when OTA update is not possible for you, probably because you have rooted your phone, or probably, for some reasons, the OTA update wasn't pushed to your device.

Another safe and easy option and best alternative to OTA is Tcard method.

This method is pretty simple and straight froward. And it works best if you haven't rooted your phone.

Flashing is a bit more advanced and require some level of technicality. A lot can go wrong if not done properly, but that doesn't mean that it is too difficult.

Here is how to upgrade you Infinix phone via Tcard:

Step 1: Press menu icon.

Step 2: Press system updates icon.

Step 3: Choose update from local option.

Step 4: Choose the version which you downloaded from SD card.

Step 5: Press Install.

Then your device will reboot and start upgrading to the new version. That's it.

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