Galaxy S10 might launch as early as Jan to accommodate foldable phone

Galaxy S10 might launch as early as Jan to accommodate foldable phone

Samsung has always moved to launch its smartphones before its main rivals so as to steal a good percentage of the market share and have a solid foot in the market before them. If what the new reports we are getting says is true, the Galaxy S10 could redefine the concept of launching early.

We have been hearing about the foldable smartphone (Galaxy X) from Samsung for a while now. It does seem like 2019 would be the year we get it. However, Samsung does not want that device and their Galaxy S10 to compete for the spotlight. To that effect, Galaxy S10 could get to the market as early as January.

Galaxy X

Going by this timeline, Samsung will be taking advantage of CES 2019 (holding in January) to announce the next flagship in the Galaxy S series. They can then set a later date for the foldable unit. While we welcome such a push up in timeline and the possibility of a foldable unit, there is a concern to take note of.

When Samsung rushed the launch of their Galaxy Note 7 a couple of years back, everyone saw what became of that project. It would be disheartening if that should happen to the Galaxy S devices that we have come to love and associate with unparalleled class


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