Get the new Oukitel K10000 Pro at half its price Plus free giveaway

OUKITEL has been quite popular in manufacturing large battery smartphones, earlier this May, OUKITEL announced that the battery monster- K10000 pro is going into the market in the first week of June.

Oukitel K10000 Pro Guess contest

Coming with a standard 12V/2A flash charger, the massive 10000mAh battery is expected to be fully charged within 3 hours. But how long on earth does it need exactly? At what price would OUKITEL offer the K10000 Pro to its users?

As the final result is still unknown since final product and software is not confirmed, OUKITEL is starting a “Guess the Answer to Win Gift” activity on their official website, inviting consumers to discuss about the charging time and its ability to reverse charge other device.

oukitel k10000 pro guess contest

This contest will last from 22nd to 29th May and the two questions asked are: How long will it take to fully charge the K10000 Pro? How many iPhone 7 plus can be fully charged by K10000 Pro reverse charge?

Those who answered exactly correct or closest to the correct answer will have the chance to get free gifts from OUKITEL. At the end of the contest, the winners will be announced by a short video. 20 winners will emerge from the campaign one week later. One considerable rule is that you have 3 chances to input your conjecture.

To guess the real charging time, you need to know something of K10000 Pro. We already know that K6000 Plus also got 12V/2A flash charger, but according to OUKITEL, the charging current for K10000 Pro will be larger than K6000 Plus.

This means we can’t calculate the charging speed from the data of K6000 Plus. To simulate end user’s charging condition, during charging, K10000 Pro will be connected to wifi and with one SIM card inserted. But all the applications will not be turned on during charging.

As for charging for iPhone 7 plus, can we just do simple plus and minus for the battery? Well, that depends on you. To participate, you can check our more details and participate from Win Gift page on OUKITEL official website.

Oukitel K10000 Pro Presale

As presale time is approaching, OUKITEL published a big surprising price policy for K10000 Pro. By the advance sale page on OUKITEL official website, OUKITEL displays K10000 Pro retail price at $219.99, but for preorders, they will offer much discount and bonus.

oukitel k10000 pro subscribe

Subscribe on OUKITEL official website, you will get $40 coupon code and $30 gift bag for K10000 Pro. Besides this bonus, OUKITEL will also pick 10 lucky subscribers every day to offer the chance to get K10000 Pro at half price which is $109.99. OUKITEL already started the subscription on May 16th, so from 16th -31st of May, they will totally offer 160 lucky subscribers half price to buy K10000 Pro.

From bottom of the advanced sale, OUKITEL indicates that if you think you may not be lucky enough to get the device for half the price, you can join their official Facebook activity to get the chance by your hard work. The chance by subscription and chance you get by your effort are different activities.

In total, there are 3 activities, all of them are offering big gifts for the battery monster K10000 Pro, will you be joining any of them?
Guess the answer to Win gift- Click Here, Subscribe K10000 Pro- Click here, Facebook activity- Click Here.


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