Google Phone app update for Android will prevent spam calls

Google Phone app update for Android will prevent spam calls

Back in the month of April, the Google developer team came up with an update to the Google Phone app that was aimed at reducing the rate at which spam calls disturbed the user. In theory, what the update will do is detect the spam call, prevent it from ringing at all and rather send it to the voicemail.

The best part is that the app was also intended to not notify you about the supposed spam call in the voicemail area even though you can opt to go listen to these messages yourself.

As of today, the support page of the app has been updated to suggest a wider rollout of the new feature following its successful beta test. Having been activated on many devices now, you will find the feature under the Caller ID and Spam menu section of the app and make the necessary adjustments from there.

All permissions on the app have been left for the user to take. With that, you can always decide if you want Google to handle your spam call detections and stoppages or not. Check out the new update too and let’s know what you think about it.


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