Google Pixel 4 makes 5th Position in DxOMark’s Audio Ranking

Google Pixel 4

Google released the Pixel 4 earlier this year. Over the past few weeks, there have been comprehensive reviews of the device’s audio recording and playback capabilities. According to DxOMark’s audio ranking list, the Pixel 4 made the fifth position with an overall score of 68.

The Google Pixel 4’s 68 points put it only a few points behind the Asus ROG Phone II and the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max. For such a small device, the Pixel 4 had decent scores in the audio playback tests, showing an impressive base reproduction.

Google Pixel 4 DxOMark Audio

The device has coherent recording levels with little or no distortion. It also boasts a well-rendered envelope and nice spatial performance during video recording. Hence, it earned some praise in the area of recording capabilities.

However, even with the Pixel 4’s decent scores, reviewers still think it is not exactly in the same class as other best-in-class devices when it comes to audio fullness and bass. Although the device earned praise in recording capabilities, the recorded sound had some unnatural background noise. It was also a little boomy.

Ultimately, according to DxOMark’s results, the Google Pixel 4 came fifth and is able to deliver sounds that are beyond expectation.


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