Google sets a limit to the number of notches on Android P devices

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Google has posted a developers blog entry detailing its rules for display cutouts. This comes in the launch of their Pixel 3 smartphones and how Android P system will support them. iPhone X has already set the trend for notches which have already turned up in 16 Android phones.

Companies are allowed to notch, but Google is limiting the number of cutouts or notches to only two. This will help curb bad experiences for users. This is actually good since now; cutouts cannot be placed in weird locations on your phone. You would love it more while betting on your favorite matches or playing online games. You wouldn’t have to worry about any cutouts, and can use a bet9ja promotion code easily, anytime you want!

A Look at What Developers Need to Do Now

Developers of Android P will have to resize the size of the status bar as tall as the cutout content displayed in the status window. The Android manufacturers will have to put one notch at the top and the other at the bottom. This means that all app windows will be letterboxed so that no content is displayed outside the cutout area.

A device cannot have more than two cutouts, and a single edge can have the utmost one cutout. This is a hard rule for manufacturers who believe that the sole purpose of edge to edge screens is to have more cutouts. Google, on the other hand, is trying to maintain that the cutouts can cause negative effects on the apps leading to bad experiences for users.

How Hard Will lt Be to Make the Change?

Google has been working to make its Android platform better with time. Each Android update focuses on making the software better, and offering an even better user experience. The decision to limit the number of notches is for the same reason.

Google pointed it out on its Developers blog that it fully supports hardware manufacturers to place cutouts anywhere on the device.

A handful of Android phone has placed notches in the middle or top of the device. They include PH-1, Huawei P20, One Plus6, Oppo R15 Pro, ZenFone 5 and Xiamoi’s New Redmi Pro6. Google has 16 Android phone with cutouts from 11 manufactures and promises more are about to come.

Google is limiting the number of Android P multiple notches to create a consistent experience for all users. Even though the devices vary with either one or two notches, users agree that multiple notches sound horrible.

Some Android manufacturers might decide not to comply with the new set of cutout rules. But the so this at the risk of falling out with Google. So, it is best for them to comply.

Android P is the first official launch with the new features, even though there are devices already on the market with cutouts already. The Android P will feature API which can show content on either the inside of the outside of the cutout.

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