Google’s Pending Android Changes: What Does it Mean?

Google’s Pending Android Change

If you have always been using Google products, from Chrome to the Google search engine, and wondered why your smart devices didn’t come with other options as well, you’ve got someone by your side now – The European Commission!

The European Commission has slapped a hefty fine of $5.1 billions on Google for going against the antitrust policies. While this amount may not bother Google, the instructions will surely. The commission found that Google was compromising with three key areas.  While you might love to try out online casino gaming with Hollywoodbets promo code, we are sure this is one news you shouldn’t take lightly.

What does the European Commission Feel?

The Commission has blamed Google for its policies on multiple counts, which we will take a look at below.

First, it forced the mobile manufacturing companies using Android to pre-install the google play store. Also, the google’s chrome browser and all other Google apps are to be included in the phone. Secondly, if any company wanted to sell some forked version of Android on one device and google’s android on another, Google did not allow it.

Basically, if a company wanted to have Android from two different sources, Google ensured that the company never gets to use Google Android on any of its devices ever again.

Thirdly, the most serious of all allegations; Google was found bribing the mobile manufacturing companies to pre-install google search on the device.

While the allegations are definitely serious, the competitors are rejoicing. So far, Google managed to maintain its monopoly through these tricks. The rival search companies, as well as mobile operating system companies, see this in a new light.

What’s Next?

With Google being unable to force the mobile companies to use its products, others will have a fair play. The way Android is seen will also be changed. There will not be any pre-installed Google app.

So what does the decision hold for the customers?

We will now have more choices for the software for the mobile as well as Android devices. Earlier, you had limited choices. But you don’t need to panic either. Google will still be there manufacturing android. Only you will get the choice to select which browser you want with which operating system.

Most probably, there will not be any pre-installed google app. You will have the choice to use Mozilla Firefox or bing or google. The decision saw an active debate on the debate. While the other competitors said that this decision would level the playing ground which was primarily dominated by Google, some have even pointed out that android led to lowered prices of mobiles.

Otherwise, Apple’s iOS is not affordable for everyone. But most agreed that Google misused its power and consumer penetration to limit competition from other companies.

Google CEO said that he would appeal to the EC over this decision. Alos, he pointed out that it was because of this business model that Google doesn’t charge from manufacturers. Otherwise, in the wake of the EC’s decision, Google will be left with no option but to charge for Android.  This will shoot up the device prices.

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