Gretel GT6000 shipping news, dual camera details and new Android 7 features

grete gt6000 battery

As you might already know, the Gretel GT6000 features a massive of 6000mAh big battery and front fingerprint touch sensor, along with a dual camera setup, where the main camera is based on a 13 MP IC MN34172 from Panasonic™ which supports f/2.2 aperture and X4 digital Zoom.

The second camera is used to achieve the bokeh effect which is usually seen in high-end phones’ cameras, adding a different depth and focus to the pictures. The cameras are supported by a dual LED flash light for dark conditions.

gretel gt6000 dual camera

Based on its pre-installed Android Nougat operating system, Gretel GT6000 comes with some new features, such as a long list of supported languages (more than 190), one-hand mode, parallel space and cast.

You’re probably asking; “What is this  parallel space?” Parallel space allows you to sign in two different accounts simultaneously on one phone.  The function can be found under the smartphone settings of the GT6000 and allows you to login with a second account in chosen apps.

gretel gt6000 parallel space

Running a business Facebook account and a personal Facebook account on the GT6000 at the same time is no longer a big problem, no need to download APKs, this also helps save the phone’s storage space. Apart from Facebook, you can also clon the VK, Twitter, Telegram, Google+, Yahoo Mail, games, etc…

Of course, data from both accounts on the Gretel GT6000 will not interfere with each other.  How to switch between two different accounts? No need at all. For game lovers or business owners, you can now balance your life and works easily. it’s really a nifty feature if you have dual SIM cards or when your phone becomes slower and slower with loads of apps. Read full specs of the GT6000 here.

Lastly, Gretel GT6000 already starts presale on Amazon, Gearbest, AliExpress and the other online stores. You can get it on a discount with today’s AliExpress coupons. The shipment will be starting on the 13th of June. Good news is that a free giveaway of the GT6000 is already online at Gretel Official Spanish Facebook page, it will be online soon at their English Facebook page for worldwide fans and VK page for Russia fans.


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