How Android Phones Can Help You Manage Your Small Business

managing small business with android phones

The top priority for every small business entrepreneur should be finding ways to better manage their small business. While there is so much that needs to be done in regards to your business’s core activity, such as the manufacturing of products or processing of orders, there are other things that tend to get in the way and take up time in your already busy schedule. Some of these things pertain more to the administrative tasks involved in running a small business.

There are plenty of tools available to the small business owner that can help increase the efficiency of such tasks so that you can properly manage your company while still being able to focus on those things that only you can do. What you might not be aware of is the fact that one of those tools might very well be the phone that you use every single day. You can as well get discount on your next trip with coupons on your phone.

Android phones can be incredibly useful when it comes to the management of your small business. Here are a few ways you might consider using your Android phone to help you better oversee and manage the operations of your small business.

Better Identify Employee Complaints

Human resources is one of those areas of the internal operations of your company that is incredibly important, but that hardly ever seems to get the attention that it deserves. You know that keeping your employees happy in their work environment and helping to provide the protections and training they need is critical to keep turnover low. Still, without the resources of a large company, this can be difficult to manage. This is where your Android might be able to assist you.

If you are wondering how satisfied your employees really are with their jobs and place of employment, you can design an employee engagement survey that they can easily complete from the privacy of their own phone. You can then receive and review the results on your own to evaluate at your convenience. This can be a simple way to learn about the things that might need improvement within your company.

Outsource Human Resources

You also might consider outsourcing other HR duties to an online human resources company. Such companies can efficiently take care of things like payroll and employee complaints. They will provide mobile options, like an app for your Android, where you and your employees can access your HR-related items. 

Not only is this a more efficient way for HR to operate at your company, but it also allows for better record-keeping practices for you and your employees. Everyone at your company will have the ability to access things like paystubs and training documentation from the privacy of their own Android phone.

This negates the potential awkwardness of having to view and keep such items on a laptop or desktop computer in the office where anyone might pass by and see. These documents can also be easily downloaded to a hard drive if your employees to keep a backup of such things.


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