How Does a Free Android Keylogger Help Control Children?

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Today, parents face a great concern to protect children and have many parents have started using Android keylogger free. Internet technologies have made life simpler and easier than before.

Yet, they brought in trouble to parents. Today, parents cannot stay happy when children are away from home with their smartphones. We’ll discuss here all the aspects of this issue. Ensure you read the article until the close.

The main reasons for using the free keylogger for Android

There are several reasons for parents to use the android keylogger free. Following are the main reasons.

Monitoring of children

When children are away from home, and carry smartphones with Internet access, it’s likely that they indiscriminately browse the Internet.

This may expose them to vulnerabilities like the danger of disclosing personal data. Parents wish to monitor children and track their activities online. By this, they can avoid disastrous situations by taking timely decisions.

Spying on a teenage son or daughter


If you’ve a teenage son/daughter, you’re worried about the evil influence of the Internet on your child. Teenage is the most important period in your child’s life and therefore you must protect them against any negative influence. Such dangers may happen as they browse the Internet without any limit.

Your spouse’s control

If you’re skeptical about the fidelity of your spouse, the Android keylogger free could be of great help. You can know your spouse’s activities like who they are calling, where they are located, the to-do activities and so on.

What are the features of the Snoopza keylogger?

Snoopza phone trackers a free phone monitoring software application for recording calls, to view text messages, tracking phone locations, Internet activity, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, email and more.

Further, the app can be put in the target device in stealth mode so that the user of the target phone cannot know while you track their activity. All these features together help you monitor the target people’s activities and take necessary action to prevent adverse consequences.

Why choose Snoopza for Android keylogger?


Snoopza is an excellent app and is a phone tracking app that helps you monitor one whose activities you wish to track. You can monitor your spouse by tracking their activities online. Further, you can also know the location of the phone. Thus, parents can locate children. Likewise, a spouse can do as well.

The Snoopza app is a potent tool in the hands of parents to monitor children. Parents can protect children from the evil influence of smartphones connected to the Internet using phone tracking apps like Snoopza.

How to install the Snoopza app?

Installing the Snoopza app is easy and simple. Install the app from your account on your kid’s/spouse’s smartphone or any other device you wish to monitor. It will take just a few minutes.

To install the app follow these steps:

  • Take the target Android phone
  • You must root the device
  • Open ‘Play Store app in the target phone
  • Tap the Menu button
  • Choose Play Protect option
  • Tap Setting
  • Disable Scan device for security threats
  • Tap Ok

Now log into your Snoopza account and follow the instructions.

Log on to the official website

  • Create an account with your email and password.
  • Click the Download App link.
  • Open the downloaded file.
  • If you’re unable to access the program from the browser, take the aid of File Manager to locate it in the Downloads folder.
  • Launch it from there.
  • After following the rest of the steps, choose the installation option.
  • Tap OK.
  • Hide the Snoopza icon if you desire.

What is available in the free version?

The free version of Snoopza is known as the Basic version. With the Basic version of the app, you can track phone calls, track internet activity, locate the phone and track the SMS sent and received.

What are the features of the paid version of Snoopza?

The paid version is known as the Standard version. The Standard version has additional features along with the features available in the Basic version of the app.

The features in the paid version are as follows:

Stealth mode


Stealth mode enables you to monitor the target device without having to inform that you’re monitoring them.

Record calls

This feature in the Android keylogger free app enables you to record the voice call and their date and time.

Viber spy

All the files sent and received as well as voice messages could be tracked by you. You can check out the results in the control panel of your phone.

Facebook spy, Snapchat spy, WhatsApp spy

You can track the communication that happened between your child (or spouse) and other parties.


The Snoopza app takes screenshots randomly. This will help you judge what kind of activities the target phone user is performing.

Check contacts

The phone tracking app saves the contract numbers who call the target phone number as well as the contacts made on it.

Track to-do list

Tracking the to-do list could reveal significant information on the activities of the target phone user. You will get all stored in your control panel.

Detect SIM card replace

In case, the target phone user changes the SIM card by replacing it, you can know about it. However, the app continues to function.

Track camera

The Snoopza phone tracking app activates the camera when there is an activity on the target phone. Each time the phone is unlocked, it takes a picture of the user.

Pros and cons


  • Simple and easy to use app
  • Economical
  • Locates the target person easily


  • The Snoopza app is compatible only with Android devices.
  • The device has to be rooted before installing the app.


If you wish to monitor your child when they’re out of home or your spouse whose behavior you’re skeptical about, Snoopza is the best option. It’s affordable, easy and simple to operate. Today, there are many phone tracking Android keylogger free apps. Many of them are complex to operate.

You need to have professional competence. So, go for Snoopza. While monitoring you should be sensible to exercise common sense. Using the Android keylogger free app, it’ll be easy and simple to monitor the target person and gain peace of mind.

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