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How to Choose the Best Mobile Sports Betting Apps in 2022?

best mobile sports betting apps 2022

If you want to place a bet anywhere and at any time, the easiest way to do so is directly via your smartphone. However, it is only fun when an online sports bet can be placed swiftly and easily. Many betting sites, such as Mostbet CZ, provide a sports betting app to their users for download on their website. These apps stand out in a crowded market of hundreds of betting apps. In this article, we will take a look at various factors to select the best sports betting app for yourself, using Mostbet as a prime example of what to look for.

Factors to Select the Best Sports Betting App

Many online bookmakers are offering dedicated mobile apps for bettors that can be installed in a minute. You can download them from their official sites. Below you will find a list of factors which we take into account when we review a sports betting app.

Fast Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

Are you on the go and want to place a bet online with your sports betting app? No problem – but only if you have money in your betting account. Fast deposit options are really needed here. Therefore, it is not only important that there are sufficient deposit methods available in a sports betting app. You should also be able to select them quickly via a click. The same also applies to the withdrawal options, so that winnings are credited quickly to your bank account. 

Easy and Clear Navigation

Football, tennis or basketball? The range of online bookmakers is huge. In order to quickly navigate not only to your sports and leagues, but also to your favorite betting types, a simple and clear navigation in your sports betting app will benefit you a lot. Some betting sites like comeonbet are well equipped with a clear menu navigation as well as an easy presentation of the different categories saves time and nerves.

Simple and uncomplicated betting via app

Select the sport, game and type of bet, set stakes and place bet: Betting via mobile app should be that easy – if it is programmed in a user-friendly way. Simple, intuitive handling is what makes using a sports betting app a stress-free experience. That’s why the uncomplicated path from bet selection to placement is a decisive factor when evaluating sports betting apps.

Offers Live Betting

Who will score the next goal? Who will score the next point? What will be the exact result? Live betting has become an essential part of the betting offer. You can also find a variety of live bets in sports betting apps. Clear visuals, short loading times and easy menu navigation are very important here. In addition, some betting sites also offer the Cash Out function in the app, which allows winnings to be paid out early.

Easy and Reliable Customer Support

Sometimes, delays in payouts or incorrect ratings can happen with the best betting providers. That’s why reputable bookmakers have a customer support that you can contact easily. Many providers also offer comprehensive customer support in their apps, sometimes even around the clock. You can contact them via live chat, form, WhatsApp or phone. A helpful and friendly customer support is a decisive factor by which you should choose your sports betting app.

Live Streaming Option

Some quality bookmakers provide live streaming as a special offer so that you can follow your games live. Many apps also include this feature and provide videos in good quality. However, make sure that you have a good Internet connection when watching the live games, so that you can enjoy the broadcast as much as possible on your mobile device.

Fast Loading App

When you are on the go and want to place a bet online, the app should load fast. With a good sports betting app, the pages load quickly so that you can place your bets swiftly. This is especially important for live betting, where the offers and odds can change every second. However, the connection between your smartphone and the Internet also plays a role so that you can access the full performance of your app.


If you like to bet on the go, then you should download and install a sports betting app. It will make your life much easier. However, be wary of using just any other app as there is a plethora of betting apps in the market. A good sports betting app should be fast, simple, secure, must offer good customer support and plenty of payment options. Many reputable online bookmakers have a mobile betting app for their users. Some betting providers even offer a bonus if you use their apps. In a nutshell, a good betting app is essential for easy and instant online sports betting.

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