How To Fix Playstore Not Working On Android Phones

How To Fix Playstore Not Working On Android Phones

If you are an Android user, is likely that you have encountered a problem with your app store once or twice. Problems such as not being able to download an app from the app store or the app store not working.

Some times, these problems can be due to insufficient storage or due to poor network. But if your are sure that this is not your case, don’t worry, we are going to look at something else you can try in other to fix playstore not working.

First of all, you need to make sure that your Android phone is rooted for this to work.

So how do I fix playstore not working?

Step #1: Download X-plore File Manager. You can download that by searching for the apk file (since your playstore is not working) or you can tell a friend to download it and send to you via Flash Share.

A recommended place to download apk file is

Step #2: Open the X-plore, go to configuration and select root access as superuser+writable.

Step #3: After that, go to root folder, click on “/system/“, scroll down and you will see a file named “host“, delete the file.

After that, relaunch you playstore, it should be up and running with no issue.

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  • Hi Engr. Henry,
    My son has an Huawei android phone that won’t accept anything Google. After so much effort, Gmail started working. He downloaded Google Installer which made the feat possible. But Google Play Services and Store won’t work.
    What can we do to overcome the problem?

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