How to install Android P Emojis and Fonts on your Android Phone


You must be aware that Google launched its developer preview of “Android P” on early March of 2018. Since then developers and users are excited to get their hands on experience with beta mode until the final product is available.

The expected date of launch for the final version is said to be in August 2018. With this version, a bundle of new updates has been added such as final APIs, a Clear All button that was missing, and yes, a total of new 157 emojis. Few of these consists characters like superhero, hot/cold face, gender-neutra.

The Google Pixel phones (Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL) will definitely be among the first phones to get the update. You’ll learn how you can install the Android P Emojis and fonts even before the official launch.

Before you begin, a couple of things are required.

  • Make sure your phone is rooted by installing Magisk
  • If not then these fonts or emojis won’t be installed, so if your phone is not booted, please follow below procedure for rooting it.

Procedure for rooting your phone.

  1. Before proceeding to root your phone, you must have a custom recovery app installed on the phone. The reason behind this is as some phones come pre-installed with a bootloader thus preventing any actions for rooting or rather installing any software or apk without passing through the Google Play store.
  2. Now to download your MOD for custom recovery, visit TWRP or DevsJournal and search for your device and go ahead for installing after verifying your phone model number along with the serial code.
  3. After installing your custom recovery app, you are required to download and install Magisk (you may download it from here) that is one of the safest ways to root your device that would not only allow to root your device but also allow banking and other apps that are generally blocked on rooted phones.

Procedure for installing the Android P fonts and Emojis.

  1. Continuing after step number three (3) once Magisk is installed on your device you need to download the file Android P Fonts and Magisk Emojis Module from here on to your device.
  2. Now start your Magisk Manager and click on the tab at the top left representing three horizontal lines. By doing so, a module would open up consisting Magisk, Superuser, Magisk Hide, Modules, etc.
  3. Magisk-Module-to-install-Android-P-Emojis
  4. Click on Modules tab. By doing this you will enter into modules page that would be blank except very bottom of the page with a plus symbol “+” would be seen, you need to click that as well which will allow you to go to the download page where you have earlier downloaded Magisk Module for android P emojis and fonts.
  5. You need to click on the file that you have earlier downloaded, and Magisk will automatically start to flash emojis and fonts on your device.
  6. Select the Reboot option, and you are good to go.
  7. Now when your Android device starts you will notice all cool emojis and fonts that are in the beta mode for developers and pixel now available to you while sending messages, emails and also on your lock screen.

Hope these steps were useful to you. Make sure to send those new emojis to your friends on social media to let them know, you have the new Android P emojis before the official release.

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